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Automatic branding

Build and protect your brand

Do you often find wrong colors or fonts in your published designs? Or has your logo been used incorrectly in a document? This is hurting your brand, and also your revenue.

With BrandSpaces you can automatically apply your brand assets across all the graphics and documents your team creates, to ensure a consistent look and feel.

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Team management

More ownership for your team

Teams will be able to create their own branded graphics and documents—without risk— in a smart collaborative way.

Manage your team by assigning different user rights based on their role to make sure everyone can bring their best to work.

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Business templates

Save time on document creation

Every business owner knows time is the most scarce resource. Being able to put something out there faster than your competitors can be the difference between success and failure.

Xara for Teams will save you hours of time in document creation, since you start from a template that it is automatically branded for you. Simply add your images and text, and share with the world.

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Asset library

Ensure your team is always up to date

Letting employees store brand assets locally can lead to disaster, but shared folders tend to get messy. With Xara for Teams you can create your own asset library, and ensure that everyone connects with the right assets instantly.

And there’s a bonus: when you update your brand, there’s no need to send tons of notifications!

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Start generating more trust, loyalty and revenue with your designs and documents without spending all day creating them

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How do you get started?

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    Sign-up for Xara for Teams

    It takes minutes to get started.

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    Add your team

    Assign permission to each member based on their role

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    Create your BrandSpace

    It’s the platform that automatically applies your brand assets. Everywhere.

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    Choose a template

    Choose from our rich library, with templates for social media, presentations, marketing, sales etc.

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    Your brand is already there

    The right colors, fonts and logos are automatically applied for you.

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    Download your documents, post in social media, send to clients.

Help your team to create professional and on-brand designs and documents the easy way

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Teams that trust us

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“As a startup, we are starting to create our identity and establish our brand. It’s critical that our website, marketing materials, and social media content are of the highest quality to win trust with users. Xara gives any employee in Proximate to create visually stunning documents like they are a professional designer.”

Ross Andrews
CEO & Founder of Proximate

“Xara has made the output I created for my clients MUCH more professional, improving my image with them. After showing a client just a draft they actually mentioned the improvement. Xara has made me better with my clients.”

Walter Westervelt
Sales Consultant at Clavigo Partners

“I can instantly create beautiful product presentations. The variety of templates guarantees a great and unique look.”

Laura Krüger
Marketing Communication Manager at Magix

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