Is anyone using Facebook anymore? As new social media platforms are emerging every quarter, with an abundance of streams and feeds for every demographic and target market, do you really need Facebook to put your business on the map?

Actually, Facebook matters more for businesses, not less. The platform reported 2.85 billion active users in the first quarter of 2021, with 1.88 billion daily active users. This makes it the most popular social networking site worldwide. So yes, everyone is using Facebook and your business should be taking note as well.

At this point, you’re probably wondering: ‘What should I post on my Facebook business page?’, ‘How can I make my Facebook post more interesting?’ or ‘What posts do best on Facebook?’ Well, you’re definitely not alone, as your questions coincide with the most popular searches on Google regarding Facebook posts.

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Well, the stakes are definitely high. Your Facebook profile can make your business look reliable or it can make it look shady. It can make you seem fun, or professional, or trustworthy, or affordable. But it can also make you look boring and predictable. And the latter can be costly, as it can determine your audience to seek out your competitors.

So you’ve got to choose your Facebook posts wisely — and add enough variety to your social media calendar in order to ramp up your reach and engagement. To this end, we put together 10 original Facebook post ideas for business to inspire you and make your Facebook profile more impactful.

Facebook Post Ideas to Grow Your Reach and Engagement

Idea #1: Animate Your Posts Using GIFs

Being able to write an engaging Facebook post isn’t just great; it’s necessary. But adding a short animated video to complement your post and make users visualize your point is the cherry on top. If you’re not familiar with GIFs, they are shortform videos that are highly popular with users because they present information in a more dynamic way.

To explore and find GIFs, you can use GIPHY. The best part is that you can easily add a GIF to Facebook, either by uploading it in Facebook’s status box, from GIPHY’s site or app, or from the GIF button in Facebook’s status box.

Idea #2: Educate Your Audience with Video Posts

Did you know that 86% of businesses use video in their marketing tactics? And 87% of them reported a positive ROI after using this tactic? As such, adding video content to your Facebook feed makes business sense. But it also makes common sense, as users are likely to learn more about your business from a video, rather than a long post.

Before you get started with this tactic yourself, it’s best to have a look at Facebook’s video requirements first. These outline the maximum video length, source ratios, objectives, and much more.

In addition to the video, make sure that your post adds enough context for your users to understand the purpose of the video and why they should go on watching it.

Idea #3: Showcase Business Developments with Dedicated Posts

Every business has to keep users and prospects in the loop regarding their product or service. Whether you’re communicating a change in your business hours, a new product release, or an upcoming promotion, it’s best to put it in a Facebook post and make sure your audience is aware.

While such posts are usually informative in nature, why not go the extra mile and make them fun and interesting? The more engaging the text, the more likely it is to generate likes and shares from your audience.

Idea #4: Prompt Your Online Audience to Interact with You Offline

Yes, most users will engage with you online. But offline is where the most valuable engagements take place. By adding an engaging Facebook post about your store, event, or headquarters, you are one step closer to making sure that your prospects will be eager to interact with your brand offline as well.

And if the offline interaction is valuable enough, they might even post about it. So you get the opportunity to increase your online footprint. For the best results, make sure that what happens offline looks good in photographs as well.

Idea #5: Use Branded Graphics to Drive Awareness

The best Facebook posts are the ones that use your brand colors and typography to take your visuals to the next level. This also helps you drive brand recognition and gain a competitive edge with a consistent look and feel.

To get started, all you need is a brand style guide and a smart tool to make sure your branding elements are applied consistently and correctly to your graphics. Once you have the former, Xara Cloud takes care of the latter by helping you develop on-brand templates you can later share on social media. The best part is that you don’t need any design experience — you can create and customize your visuals at a click of a button.

Idea #6: Motivate Your Audience with Inspirational Quotes

As you already know, your brand is not about your business, it’s about your audience. As such, it is your duty to make your audience feel heard, cared for, and understood. And what better way to convey that than through inspirational quotes?

Quotes are very relatable, so they are very likely to generate a positive response from your audience. To maximize this tactic, you can add your quote on a nice visual that allows you to stay on brand. Next thing you know, people will be reacting to it and sharing it on their own Facebook feeds. Reach and engagement at the same time? Yes!

Idea #7: Keep the Conversation Going with Curated Content

No time to keep your Facebook profile up-to-date? No problem! Curated content is the hack you need to make sure you’re posting regularly and delivering value to your audience — with minimal effort.

To get started, use a content curation tool to find relevant content and then share your findings on your Facebook profile. Don’t forget to use a caption as well to add more context to the post and make it your own.

Idea #8: Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Blog Content Posts

Your blog content does not exist in a vacuum. You need to promote it constantly in order to build brand authority and drive traffic to your website. And what better way to do that than by sharing it on your Facebook profile?

The key here is to not give everything away through your caption, as you would want users to visit your website to find out more. To achieve this, keep the caption short by clarifying what the post is about but also revealing just enough to pique the interest of your audience and determine them to click on your link.

Idea #9: Spark a Conversation with Visual Facebook Status Updates

A strong Facebook profile relies on a strong community. To foster that community, you need to reach out to your audience, ask them questions, and allow them to engage with your brand as much as possible. This way, your Facebook profile is more than a one-sided platform; it’s an opportunity to establish connections and grow your reach.

So go ahead, ask what’s on your mind and add a visual backdrop while you’re at it. You can either use Facebook’s status functionalities to do that, or you can opt for a custom-branded visual to convey your brand image as well. Your audience is likely looking forward to responding to your burning questions or queries.

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