Instagram users spend an average of 56 minutes every day on the platform. Facebook users show a similar average, about 58 minutes per day. This is millions of people connecting every single day and you can be sure a percentage of them are considering buying or selling a house.

If your real estate business is not on social media, you are missing a huge opportunity to promote your houses. But this is said easier than done. There are many competitors and platforms are only getting more crowded.

Having powerful and on-brand visuals will help you stand out from the noise. But images and graphics that inspire, teach, or entertained are not that easy to do if you are not a design specialist.

With our real estate social media templates, you can start from a preset design and simply drag and drop your content to instantly have beautiful posts for your social media platforms.

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Facebook templates

Promote your new properties, open house events or recently closed deals. All templates are in the right format and size to create and post in minutes. You will find templates for Facebook posts, Facebook banners and also for your Facebook ads.

Instagram posts

Find new clients and identify potential buyers with these posts. It’s important to show that you are active in the market

Why to use Xara real estate social media templates

  1. Xara templates brand automatically with your real estate business colors, logos, and fonts.
  2. Upload your high resolution photos with drag and drop. Customize them with filters and adjustments as needed.
  3. Edit layouts, texts, images and styles with an easy to use drag and drop editor.
  4. Download your posts and ads in jpg, png or svg.

Real Estate Instagram stories

Instagram stories are perfect for sharing news or a home walkthrough with photos. Stories are placed on top of the thread and they are the very first thing your audience will see when they login to Instagram.

Real estate Linkedin templates

Reach potential customers on the largest professional social media platform.

Twitter templates

A sound marketing strategy for real estate shouldn’t forget about Twitter. Take a look at these templates: