Gone are the days when all real estate logos followed the same formula—the sketch of a house plus the company name.

Today people go above and beyond to express their creativity when designing their real estate logos—they use unique symbols, beautiful color palettes, vintage fonts, landmarks, and more.

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You’d think that such impactful logos will cost a small fortune, but luckily, with the right software, you can quickly create your logo for free! So what could be more motivating than to take the DIY approach to create a logo for your real estate brand?

Let’s take a look at some interesting real estate logo ideas that will hopefully inspire you!

1. Use a Surprising Symbol

This small real estate company from Dubai came up with a unique logo inspiration—the dreamcatcher.

Probably the intention behind it was to tell the world that they’ll do the impossible to turn their client’s property dreams into reality.

2. Show Your Brand’s Personality

This one is not only cute, but it tells the viewer exactly what the company has to offer—it helps people who own pets find suitable homes for both humans and furry friends.

The takeaway? If your company serves a niche, use that to your advantage when creating your logo as well. It’s a surefire way to be memorable!

3. Exude Luxury With a Golden Logo

If you cater to clients who would not spare a dollar to find the property of their dreams, then your best bet for an appealing luxury real estate logo is to opt for a golden one. Why? Because gold is the ultimate expression of exclusivity and wealth.

This Beverly Hills real estate company — Williams & Williams, is one golden logo done right.

4. Experiment With Fonts

Do you think you need fancy symbols and over-the-top colors to make an impact? This Washington D.C.- based company shows that a simple logo can be equally effective.

They want to make an impact through their choice of an art deco font alone. However, the message behind the logo is the catchy bit—when it comes to homes, they can find the one for each of their clients.

5. Integrate Local Landmarks Into Your Logo

The logo of this residential real estate company is reflective of what Portland stands for—a city of bridges.

Not only is this a clever way of nudging people to associate the company with the city itself, but it also suggests that real estate agents bridge the gap between clients and their desired properties.

6. Create a Double Meaning Logo

The logo of this leading real estate company in the UAE can be interpreted in two ways—a palm leaf or a shining sun overlooking the sand dunes.

The visual representation of what Dubai is typically associated with helps create the need for owning a property in one of the world’s top luxury vacation destinations.

Opting for a design that has more than one interpretation can turn out to be a cutting-edge approach that can be suitable for both residential and commercial real estate commercial logos.

7. Add a Natural Element to Your Logo

This Oklahoma City-based real estate brokerage found a beautiful way to express what people should reach out to them for —green, historical, and luxury homes.

The elegant design of the logo shows that the company wants to help its clients buy and sell houses that celebrate life and uniqueness.

Just like watching tree branches fill up with blooms in spring, moving into a new house can also make someone feel that they are starting a new life.

8. Embrace Minimalism

An efficient and aesthetically pleasing logo doesn’t have to be complicated too. This logo is proof of that.

By using this simple, contrasting color palette and the silhouette of a mountain, this company manages to transmit reliability.

Their message seems to be: ‘just enjoy the house viewing because soon you’ll have the home of your dreams.’

9. Infuse Some Playfulness Into Your Logo

This example not only played with a classic English idiom—home sweet home, but it also managed to give a cartoon feel to the logo.

If you think that such a design could suit your company and your market, why not come up with something similar and stand out.

10. Don’t Shy Away From Bold Colors

You would think that the company name is convincing enough. But why not enforce what your brand stands for by using a bold color?

This logo makes it clear who it serves —those passionate about environmentally friendly living.

11. Bring Some Lightness to Your Logo

This real estate logo example also targets a niche —people living in a mobile home. The color palette and the doodle-like design reflect this idea of light living quite nicely.

To make an impact, you don’t need to create a striking logo. A softer design can also go a long way.

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