If you were given a physical billboard in the middle of your town, what would you place on it? Think about your Facebook cover like a virtual billboard where you can communicate anything you want with your followers and their friends.

This is critical real estate so don’t start from scratch. Instead start with proven templates that work. We have hundreds of high-quality Facebook covers for you to choose from. All templates are fully customizable and can be personalized in minutes using our online editor. You can change colors, images, texts, etc. easily. No design skills required!

You’ll have the best-looking Facebook page in your area that will make an impression on your followers and win you potential buyers and sellers. Your clients will love it and so will their friends who visit their profile. It’s time to stand out from the crowd with these amazing designs and get recognized on Social Media platforms.

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Ideas for the best real estate Facebook cover

Need some extra inspiration? Take a look at these ideas we compiled for you:

1. Show the outside of your property with a nice landscape or flowers

Make your followers dream and get inspired with a photo of any of the properties you manage. Try an outside view with a garden that shows the whole house and the beautiful surroundings.

2. Be personable and show your face on the cover

When people can see your face, then they will automatically trust you more. This is because a smile makes you look nice and approachable. Use ‘you’ to your advantage and start building trust with your Facebook cover photo.

3. Choose an inspirational quote to use as the header for your page

Buying a house is an exciting and life-changing event. It’s probably the biggest purchase that most people will ever make, so it helps to have a real estate agent that understands what they are going through and what it means to them.

4. Include an image of you and/or family members having fun together

Make an emotional connection with people by showing your human side in a family photo. Most house buyers are looking forward to moving in with their families. Potential buyers will empathize with you if they can see your family photo on your Facebook page.

5. Highlight for your upcoming Open House (virtual too)

Announce the date/time of your next open house to generate buzz. Having one extra person join or attend might be that one buyer you need to close the deal, or they could refer someone else that might be looking for the exact property you have.

6. Showcase any of your last sold properties

Have a recent success selling a property? Create a Just Sold Facebook cover so that other buyers and sellers can see that you get the job done.