Real-time document commenting

Add your comments to live documents in real-time to keep the work flowing.

Keeping project momentum just got a whole lot easier

Adding comments to documents is a great way to share ideas, give feedback and suggest improvements, all stored in one location. Meaning everything is real-time and accessible by all contributors.

Live commenting is ideal for document sign-offs and external collaborators

When document feedback is required, adding comments is the perfect solution - whether it’s senior managers or external clients reviewing your designs and documents. Commenting includes the collaborators name and the ability to reply.

Keep all communication within the document and comment on specific sections

Remove the need to rely only on emails to communicate on document designs, by leaving all comments in the document. And comment management is simple - either add a general comment or link it to a specific word or section.

Streamline your workflow to maximize your productivity

Xara Cloud’s advanced collaboration tools are designed to streamline the document creation process, giving businesses the ability to create stunning documents in no time - meaning you have more time for other more important tasks!

“Streamline your communication channels with real-time in-document commenting. Ideal for ideas, suggestions and document sign-offs.”

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