Multi-user editing

Multi-user editing on live documents made simple. Includes enhanced features that beat anything other platforms have to offer, making teamwork the easiest it's ever been.

Workplace collaboration re-developed to remove barriers to success

Made for modern working, Xara Cloud gives businesses a platform to create, share and edit documents with colleagues and clients in real-time. Helping to streamline the document creation process and improve internal communication.

Boost creativity and team thinking with multi-user editing

Made for modern working. They say 2 heads are better than 1, but a team of heads is unbeatable. Boost creativity across your document creation process with multi-user editing. Multiple collaborators can be in a live document at anytime.

Enhanced controls to manage files, assets and collaborators.

Create, edit and share your Xara documents with anyone and access anywhere, from any device, all through our powerful web-based browser and direct cloud storage. No need to manage multiple versions of the same document anymore.

Streamline external and internal document sharing and communication channels

Document sharing features are not just limited to colleagues and team members: streamline your sales, marketing and reporting processes by sharing crucial business documents with a range of audiences including clients, investors and suppliers.

Direct cloud storage integration means your documents are never far away

Connect your cloud storage accounts directly with Xara Cloud, including Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can easily access your documents from any location while knowing all edits are safely saved in the cloud.

“Advanced collaboration tools that make teamwork as easy as it should be, with real-time multi-user editing. Share from anywhere”

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