Sales smarter

  • Industry:

    Sales software

  • Goal:

    Create branded marketing material to start building a brand identity

  • Results:

    Any employee can create stunning content that allows customers to connect with the brand

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The Challenge

Like most startups that are about to launch an innovative product, the team at Proximate are active on social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to create buzz. They also blog and create slide presentations. This means they need a way to create material for these marketing and sales channels, and as a startup, their time is extremely valuable.

At the same time, establishing a strong brand presence from the start is very important, and they know that doing this would normally require a big investment of time, or hiring a professional designer.

Proximate was looking for a way to create elegant and powerful content that would allow their target audience to connect with their brand, but at the same time, do it quickly and cost effectively.

“As a startup, we are starting to create our identity and establish our brand. It’s critical that our website, marketing materials, and social media content are of the highest quality to win trust with users. Xara gives any employee in Proximate the ability to create visually stunning documents and content.”

Ross Andrews,
CEO & Founder of Proximate

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The Solution

Ross Andrews, the CEO of Proximate, came across Xara Cloud and he decided it could help the company to improve the way they create content, so he gave it a try with the free Xara Premium trial.

After a month Ross and his team decided to become a customer because Xara Cloud was easy for them to use, they were able to create and publish content in just a few steps, and it met their budget.

The team at Proximate is mainly using Xara Cloud mainly for social media content, marketing collateral and presentations. The process is easy, they pick a template to start with and then they go to work adding their brand elements and their content. As a result they have a graphic or document to visually present the information to the market.

  • 1

    Selecting a template

    Hundreds of professional templates to choose from

  • 2

    Adding their brand

    Logos, Colors, Fonts

  • 3

    Adding content

    They can add product images, text, icons and graphics

  • 4

    Use everywhere

    Web, Print, PDF and PPT

The Result

After 2 months of using Xara Cloud, the Proximate team feel they are far more efficient when it comes to generating content. Another plus is the ability to sync content via Google Drive so they can access any document at any time, and then export it to the format they need at the time they need it.

But efficiency and saving time aren’t the only benefits; the quality of their content has also improved significantly. Anybody in the team can now produce professional quality content – and that brings huge benefits for their brand.

“It saves us TIME! As a startup, our time is extremely valuable and Xara has helped us maximize it!”

Ross Andrews,
CEO & Founder of Proximate

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And something they have learned
along the way

Creating content can actually be fun! And it doesn’t require a lot of time or design expertise – you just need the right tools.

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