MAGIX Software GmbH is a market leading software producer and publisher, established in 1993 with over 15 million registered users across the globe and 350+ employees worldwide.

The CEO of Magix realized his team was spending too much time on tasks that were repetitive and could be streamlined with the right software. They contacted Xara and the whole team was on board to have a more seamless workflow.

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3 key business solutions using Xara

Improve the quality of business & marketing documents

Simplify work-flow to maximize productivity

Streamline cross-function collaboration

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MAGIX Software creates a range of different documents, designed for internal and external use, and as a result, Xara Cloud has been implemented across all departments.

MAGIX has experienced time and money savings across 3 key business processes with the introduction of Xara Cloud.


Reduced content
creation workload from
1660 hours to 990


Time reduction
with external sources


Reduction in
required software licenses
to create documents

One platform for all

Brand-focused documents play a crucial role in the way MAGIX communicate with a range of audiences. With Xara Cloud, MAGIX centralized the creation and sharing of a range of branded document types

  • Employee handouts
  • Business Letters
  • Presentations
  • Social Graphics
  • Web Banners
  • Amazon landing pages
  • Display advertisements
  • Mood boards
  • Product offerings
  • Fact Sheets
  • Pre-sales info sheets
  • SEM-reports
  • Handouts
  • Support status reports

“As a rapidly growing international company, it is critical for us to execute quickly and communicate a consistent brand across every market.”

“Xara Cloud gives our cross-functional teams the ability to create and collaborate on content easily and from anywhere in the world. And just as important, Xara ensures that every document is properly MAGIX branded according to guidelines established by our marketing and design teams.”

Klaus Schmidt CEO of MAGIX

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The result

Improving creativity and enhanced cross function collaboration for the social media department

Real-time multi-user editing resulted in audience-engaging graphics being created in minutes instead of hours, and less time was spent going ‘back and forth’ between the social media department and design team.

A library of stunning templates, access to thousands of free high-quality stock images, and the ability to add customizable design features resulted in improved social media graphics and campaign results.

“I can add inspiring quotes to stunning images in no time.”

Sebastian Franke Social Media Manager

Streamlined document creation for the sales department

Creating the volume of sales documents MAGIX require is resource heavy and time-consuming. Xara Cloud, a tool built for a modern workplace, simplifies the sales department’s workflow and increased productivity.

One-click access to all product imagery, partner logos, brand colors and marketing text, plus the ability to share documents with senior managers, has resulted in a huge 40% reduction in the time spent on document creation.

“It is so easy to create a second design with text & color schemes”

Astrid Mühlehner Sales Manager

Giving internal documents a unique look to boost audience engagement

Through the use of cutomizable smart tools available in Xara Cloud – such as shapes, graphics and charts – the senior management team was able to take the design of internal documents to the next level, resulting in increased audience engagement.

For ultimate user experience, MAGIX was able to import and fully customize PDF and PowerPoint files, streamlining the transition to Xara Cloud.

“I can instantly create beautiful product presentations. The variety of templates guarantee a great and unique look.”

Astrid Mühlehner Sales Manager

Less time and resources required to create better documents

Magix reduced the time needed for the following tasks:

  • Individual tasks: 30 time-saving
  • Coordination: 90% time-saving
  • Re-work: 50% time-saving
  • Total workload per document 60% saving
  • Time spent on their average pre-sales workflow by 40%

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