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An eye-catching proposal is the gateway to future opportunities. So we strive to provide stunning designs that will bring delight to your readers and help you communicate value — better.

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Common questions about proposals

When should you write a proposal?

Whenever you need formal approval to get started with a project — be it in research or in business. In your proposal, you outline the activities that will help you solve a certain problem in order to gain approval from the people in charge.

What’s the preferred structure for a proposal?

Proposals usually start from an executive summary, followed by an outline and the proposal text. Each proposal is different, but generally you should include a thorough description of the problem you are trying to solve and an action plan to do so — including milestones, budget, stakeholders involved, and other resources needed.

How long should a proposal be?

Most proposals have around 2,500 words, but the length depends on the scope and purpose of the project, as well as word-limits imposed by your target audience. Try to keep the proposal as concise and informative as possible — given that your target audience might have other proposals to read.

What else should I consider?

Here are some aspects you should consider as you are drafting your proposal:

  • Don’t neglect the language: keep it as simple and concise as possible.
  • Stay solution-oriented: don’t glorify problems, propose viable and beneficial solutions.
  • Use data to support your action plan: provide facts and figures to add more context to your solution.
  • Don’t lose your audience: you might have a lot to say, but make sure the information you include actually supports your argument.