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Team communication that gets s##t done

Collaboration is key in the success of any project: No matter if it is a marketing campaign, organizing an event, or a sales process. With Xara Cloud you always get clarity about what has been done and what comes next. Move projects forward without endless email chains or constant update meetings.


Provide and receive feedback, ideas, or approval directly on the document. Saving suggestions in the comments allows for faster implementation and more clarity about what to do.


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Invite anyone to your Xara document and grant them full edit rights—same as a Google Doc. Share editing your documents allows everyone to have clarity about what has been done and what comes next.


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Take feedback no longer relevant or already implemented out of sight—but still keep them—and achieve a clear view of documents that makes it easy to execute the next task.

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"Xara allows me to depend less on my designer colleagues, that means I can get my work done much faster and the quality of what I produce is far better than anything I could create in PowerPoint."

Mark Garrod Performance Consultant

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"After we switched to Xara Cloud we got a lot of compliments from our clients who represent many top tech companies about the improvements of marketing documents and digital content."

Crystal Golightly VP Customer Experience & Operations

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