Is AI a buzzword, a trend, a fad, the future of the world, or all of the above? Here’s what we know so far: In the world of real estate, real estate AI tools are a game-changer.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable part of the real estate industry. This technology can empower real estate agents like yourself to go from zero to hero.

It can streamline processes and enhance customer experiences. It can help you create social media posts and sell properties like never before. It can do so many things!

Let’s dive in and explore ten must-have real estate AI tools that every realtor needs in 2023.

 1. AI-Powered Platforms for 3D Virtual Home Tours

Zillow 3D Home Tours Real Estate AI Tools

Real estate agents rely on Zillow for property searches. But did you know they added some more features? Take the 3D Home Tours Generator for interior designs. This is one of those AI real estate solutions that make your life as an agent easier.

This 3D generator can create virtual tours for your clients using AI. It helps any real estate business promote and sell properties.

The greatest use comes for commercial real estate investors. That’s because they often need virtual tours of large properties as fast and cheaply as possible.

Using this tool, the job is halfway done. Find Zillow’s 3D Generator here.

2. Virtual Staging Solutions & Virtual House Flip Generators

Virtually Staging Real Estate AI Tools

When it comes to visualizing a property’s potential, forget about costly designers. Or, forget about them in the initial stage of your real estate business.

AI-backed virtual staging solutions like Virtual Staging are invaluable. Use AI real estate tools to transform vacant properties into fully-furnished homes. Use those assets to attract potential buyers and boost property sales.

Also, a Virtual House Flip allows you to reimagine a house from the ground up. This tool is a hidden gem for those who flip houses and redesign old properties. This new tool is a great choice if you dream of letting your creativity run wild and reimagining a house.

3. Xara Cloud for Content Marketing Automation

Automated Real Estate Marketing Materials with Xara

Creating high-quality real estate marketing materials can be a struggle. Plus, planning them out (considering formats, channels, captions, etc.) is another headache.

Xara can manage content marketing for your social media posts or print materials from A to Z. How?

  • Copy your website URL and let Xara import your brand guidelines (logos, fonts, colors). You can also set them within the dashboard. As for your name and personal brand, you will only set it once in the Personal Smartfields dashboard. Then, it will automatically apply to every template!


Brand Management for Real Estate Xara


  • Apply your brand guidelines, and you’re done! Watch the template turn into personalized content that’s ready to post.
  • To promote your listing, import your listing website URL with a few clicks. Xara automatically pulls out your listing details (photos and info) and auto-populates any template. Then, ask Xara AI to generate a new compelling,  attention-grabbing AI listing description. You’ve got yourself the perfect piece of content to promote your listing.
  • Xara’s repurposing feature allows you to create endless marketing materials effortlessly. With business-ready templates as building blocks, you never have to start from scratch. Automatic resizing ensures your content fits every channel, while the branding feature keeps your brand’s message cohesive.
  • Use Xara’s AI text generator (powered by Open-AI) to improve your writing or even create your copy from scratch. Alternatively, you can check out the ready-to-go templates in Xara Cloud that our AI tool will put to use for you.


Xara AI Real Estate


Check out Xara to start leveraging AI in your real estate strategy! Generate social media posts or prints from templates, populate them using AI, and use them right away.

Try Xara’s Marketing Center For Realtors today!

4. AI-Powered Chatbots

Tidio Real Estate AI Tools

The power of AI is evident in chatbots like Tidio, which utilizes conversational AI. This tool revolutionizes customer support in the real estate industry.

Here’s what an AI bot can do:

  • Engage with potential buyers
  • Answer customer questions
  • Schedule property tours
  • Provide hyper-personalized recommendations, interactions, and increase conversions. AI chatbots can remember past conversations. Thus, they can follow up with leads with a personal touch (e.g., “Is this a better time? I remember you saying that you had an event scheduled last time. How did it go?“)
  • Provide 24/7 support

5. Predictive Analytics for Pricing

House Canary Real Estate AI Tools

AI tools such as HouseCanary and Redfin are assets to any real estate business. They offer a competitive edge when it comes to pricing properties using valuation models.

They analyze vast amounts of data (market trends, historical sales, property features). Then, they give realtors the results to determine the optimal price for a listing. No more spending hours and valuable resources on market reports!

The adoption of AI in real estate has also revolutionized the home-buying experience. Companies like Zillow use AI algorithms to enhance their “Zestimate.” That’s a way of getting more accurate property valuations.

All in all, AI technology is more accurate than human intelligence. That’s at least when it comes to computing, analyzing data, and interpreting much of it at once. Why not rely on AI-powered tools for real estate to gain insights into property values?

6. AI-Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Lion Desk Real Estate AI Tools

AI can help all real estate companies improve Customer Relationship Management CRM. In fact, there are various AI tools for real estate that do that. Some of them include LionDesk, WiseAgent, and Property Base.

They use machine learning algorithms to analyze interactions, preferences, and behaviors. Here’s what they can do:

  • Personalized Property Recommendations. AI can generate property recommendations based on individual client preferences. It does so by analyzing historical data and customer behavior. Think of an AI matchmaking tool for real estate. AI can make suggestions that perform better than the user’s own search criteria.
  • Real-Time Customer Sentiment Analysis. AI can analyze customer feedback in real-time, including open-ended comments and sentiments. Thus, real estate companies can predict customer behavior and respond to their needs.
  • Intelligent Customer Interaction. AI-powered chatbots can assist customers even when live agents are not available. They can handle customer queries, schedule viewings, and provide updated property information.
  • Optimal Outreach Timing. AI in CRM platforms, such as the one used by Compass, can help determine the best time to reach out to clients. The system can learn about the user using client activities and website interactions. Then, it can nudge you with a “likely to sell” trigger for each client.

AI’s abilities are real. Use it to boost client connections and the customer experience for long-term loyalty.

7. AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance

Honeywell Forge AI Prectivite Maintenance for Real Estate

For real estate development companies, AI-powered predictive maintenance tools like Honeywell Forge are invaluable assets. The tool analyzes data from various sensors to predict maintenance issues before they arise.

This ensures properties remain in top condition and minimizes unexpected repairs. In this regard, AI real estate tools like Doxel’s AI are also of great value. Doxel can detect construction errors, boosting productivity and savings in commercial real estate.

You can increase tenant satisfaction and improve property performance by addressing maintenance needs. That’s because new tools use machine learning. They get to analyze data faster and better than the human brain and generate instant results.

8. AI-Driven Market Analysis

Reonomy AI Property Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence, tools like Reonomy provide real estate professionals with investment opportunities. By processing vast amounts of data, these tools give you everything to prepare for your next move.

Other real estate professionals that don’t use artificial intelligence will not stand a chance. As a brokerage or an agent, that’s the last thing you want. Thus, you must start entrusting AI to identify trends and give your team the right broker advice.

Put your human resource to better use. They can take care of qualified lead generation and creative real estate marketing. When it comes to manual tasks (studying online searches and data analysis), let AI pull the valuable insights.

9. AI-Based Lead Generation

Zillow Premier Agent Real Estate AI Tools

AI-based lead generation platforms like BoldLeads and Zillow Premier Agent are top-notch. They use AI algorithms to identify and target potential clients. By analyzing online behavior and demographics, finding prospective buyers becomes much easier.

  • Zillow Premier Agent offers personalized agent websites and exclusive placements on listings. These attract buyer leads based on specific locations.
  • BoldLeads CRM employs automation to streamline lead generation processes as well.

Artificial intelligence revolutionizes lead generation while allowing you to focus on high-potential clients.

Another way of using AI to generate leads is through real estate farming. How? Well, AI-driven apps like Houzen help homeowners find the best real estate professionals. They do so by filtering realtors. This happens based on success rates, local expertise, and accreditations.

Hence, becoming a thought leader in your area can pay off when people are looking for the best agent around.

10. AI-Powered Personal Assistant

Luke Real Estate AI Tools

AI-powered personal assistants offer real estate agents a clear competitive advantage. It’s like having a next-door assistant, except AI does it better. Apps like Luke, Deal Machine’s Alma, or Gabbi.AI are some of the top virtual assistants for real estate.

An intelligent AI assistant can:

  • Streamline tasks.
  • Enhance customer interactions.
  • Provide valuable insights.
  • Tick off things from your to-do list.
  • Arrange meetings and set reminders.
  • Take charge of cold emailing and generate personalized content to increase conversions.

And so much more!

AI assistants use natural language processing to understand prospect inquiries and automate responses. They can schedule tours, collect prospect data, and even research market trends.

Plus, they operate 24/7. This enables prompt customer engagement even when human staff members are off-duty.

11. Intelligent Workflow & Asset Management Solution

IBM Intelligent Workflow & Asset Management Solution

IBM TRIRIGA is an AI tool that helps manage buildings and workplaces. For commercial real estate, this platform is a game changer. TRIRIGA is an intelligent asset management solution. It’s part of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

It uses data and AI to meet the modern needs of facility management. It can manage buildings and workplaces and optimize real estate & facilities management operations.

Key benefits of IBM TRIRIGA include:

  • Real-time insights for dynamic space planning. This allows occupants to make service requests and book rooms.
  • Streamlining lease administration and optimizing costs
  • Improving operations
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Enhancing energy management to reduce the carbon footprint

TRIRIGA’s solution enables flexible management of building lifecycles. It also helps prepare for future requirements, making it a valuable asset for any commercial real estate organization.

What Does AI Mean For Real Estate?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the real estate industry. It offers realtors various tools to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

AI in the real estate industry is more than just a buzzword or trend; it is indeed the future. Here’s how AI is shaping the future of real estate:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency. AI-powered tools streamline tasks. They can create virtual home tours, boost lead generation, customer support, reduce manual efforts, and more.
  2. Personalization. AI enables you to deliver personalized property recommendations and marketing content.
  3. Informed Decision-Making. Predictive analytics and market analysis tools offer valuable insights. They help you make data-driven decisions on pricing and investment opportunities.
  4. Improved Customer Experience. AI-driven chatbots and personal assistants provide 24/7 support, enhancing interactions with clients.
  5. Competitive Advantage. Adopting AI gives agents a competitive edge. It can help in the lead capture process and improve closed deal rates.
  6. Future-Readiness. Embracing AI prepares real estate professionals for the future of the industry. AI will continue to play a considerable role in property management, marketing, and customer care.

Real Estate Agents: Change Is Tough, But It’s So Worth It


Artificial intelligence is, without a doubt, the future of the real estate industry. From property search platforms to virtual staging, you need these 11 AI tools.

Embracing AI technologies not only streamlines processes but also enhances customer experiences. It helps you analyze data, make better decisions, and create a winning business model.

AI can help you do so many other things–just check out these free prompts to elevate your strategies and see what we’re talking about.

💡Real Estate AI Tools – Food for Thought

Don’t be one of those real estate agents that take everything as a fad until it’s too late. Change is not always bad; if something works today, it won’t necessarily do well tomorrow.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward a thriving real estate business, check out Xara Cloud now. We have everything you need to run your brokerage firm. Digital asset management? Marketing platform? Templates, tools, live collaboration? Check, check, and check. Plus, there’s a lot more that comes with our platform.

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