Are you on the hunt for a way to revolutionize your workflow? We get it. Real estate is an industry where:

Streamlining processes is urgent and necessary. Real estate broker software is no longer a “nice to have” item in your stack. Tools, technologies, and processes are far more efficient today than they were in the past.

They’re also easy to implement, bringing in consistent ROI year-over-year. Yet, not everyone employs a real estate broker software, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Leaving money on the table is not the right business model. Hence, let’s explore what is the best real estate broker software in 2024 and why this topic matters more than you think.

Why Choosing the Right Software Matters?

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Allocating your brokerage’s budget may seem challenging, especially when you have numerous areas of interest to take care of. Marketing, automation, content creation, and client management are all important. Plus, they’re expensive and require constant management.

Or do they? As of 2024, the software you choose can take over more than you think. A successful real estate business, small or large, is multidimensional. Any real estate company involves managing clients, agents, and systems.

So, here’s where proper marketing software can step in to fix your productivity and automation issues. An all-in-one platform can take care of your entire brokerage, from managing realtors to creating branded content. You need that because prospective clients aren’t going to hear from you if you stay hidden.

Your brokerage needs to be all over:

…plus literally everywhere else. The stakes are high, so finding the software to help elevate these efforts is essential.

Key Features to Look for

You need a solid system to turn client leads into buyer leads. If you don’t become a market leader, someone else will do it. This is why you need to act fast and consider the key features of real estate software solutions. But how can you make sure you’re choosing the best real estate broker software out there? Follow this advice:

Look for a User-Friendly Interface

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An intuitive interface is not a luxury. Rather, it’s a basic must-have feature that takes your agent management process from chaotic to organized.

Want to find it? Make sure to test the interface of any app with the free demo before making a purchase decision.

Integration Capabilities

Your software should be a team player. Integration with other tools like CRM systems and social media channels is a popular demand. Tools that work seamlessly together help you finally get rid of those one hundred open tabs and endless inquiries from your team of real estate agents.

👉 Did you know that Xara integrates with numerous industry leaders?

Security Measures

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In an era of cyber threats, trust is earned, not assumed, so make sure to look for:

Xara takes safeguarding data seriously. You can read all about our privacy measures here.

Top Software for Real Estate Brokers in 2024

As a real estate brokerage, you need software built with a solid understanding of what real estate professionals need to be efficient in mind. So, here are five top tools you should consider for 2024 and beyond.

#1 Xara Cloud: Best Real Estate Brokerage Software Overall


1.1 Overview and Main Features

Xara is a marketing center used by leaders in the real estate industry. Its main platform, Xara Cloud is a revolutionary template-based creation and editing tool designed to empower real estate agents to automate all marketing needs (including designing, creating, posting, and printing), regardless of their design experience.

It saves time and boosts efficiency for both brokerages and individual agents. Streamlined content creation allows agents to focus on what matters most: selling properties.

💡 This competitive edge helps agents in brokerages set marketing tasks on autopilot while getting better ROI and conversion both online and offline.

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can produce professional-quality marketing materials in a snap. From social media posts and listing presentations to print materials like postcards and flyers, Xara covers the widest range of marketing needs.

The platform automatically brands your favorite templates with your company’s guidelines (colors, logos, and font styles). This ensures consistent and visually appealing marketing collateral.

Its digital asset management feature allows for easy access to every file and resource among real estate brokers and agents.

1.2 Pros

  • Free 14-Day Trial Available.
  • Ease of Use. Xara’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, AI integration, and intuitive dashboard make it easy for agents with no design experience to automate content creation.
  • Template Variety. The real estate software offers a diverse range of templates tailored specifically for real estate. These include the popular MLS integration and AI-powered enhancements.
  • Brand Management. Xara simplifies brand management by automatically generating brand guidelines from a website, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.
  • Artificial Intelligence Features. Its AI capabilities save time and boost creativity by auto-populating templates with AI-generated content, including headlines and catchy hooks.
  • The Xpress Docs Integration. Users can create and print their designs and then directly mail them to the target audience’s inbox.
  • Top Customer Support: Chat with our experts at any time.

1.3 Cons

  • Limited CRM software features
  • Lacks extensive integrations

1.4 Pricing

Xara Cloud Pricing

Xara’s pricing starts at $12 per month, offering three price tiers to choose from.

#2 LionDesk: Best for Transaction Management


2.1 Overview and Main Features

LionDesk, a popular choice in real estate CRM, provides a comprehensive solution for transaction management. With its main focus on lead generation and nurturing, LionDesk offers features like:

  • Texting
  • Ad Portal
  • Email marketing
  • AI lead follow-up
  • Forecast & reporting
  • Transaction management
  • The real estate software goes beyond the integrated CRM to simplify lead management.

2.2 Pros

  • Robust CRM Features. LionDesk offers data analytics, contacts, emails, custom phone lines, text messaging, drips, deal plans, and pipeline revenue projection.
  • Ad Portal. Create high-performing ads and target potential customers with LionDesk’s Ad Portal.
  • AI Lead Follow-up. The AI-powered assistant, Lead Assist, automatically nurtures and qualifies new leads via text. This saves time for real estate brokers and allows for targeted efforts in converting leads.

2.3 Cons

  • Poor Support. Users report facing ongoing glitches and receive inadequate support. Some prepaid users experienced denied refund requests.
  • Technical Challenges. Persistent bugs cause login problems, contact status updates, notification failures, and difficulties in automated features.
  • Integration Limitations. LionDesk has limited integration with Gmail and lacks advancements.
  • Transition Struggles. The transition from version 1 to version 2 introduces challenges like note formatting issues and outdated drip campaigns.
  • Lead Acquisition Issues. Users encounter difficulties in acquiring leads from services like Zbuyer and Witley.

2.4 Pricing

Plans start at $25/month for CRM. You can add the Texting Suite for $2/month or go for CRM PREMIER at $83/month for advanced features.

*Texting Suite requires a one-time $19 registration fee.

#3 Real Geeks: Best for Lead Generation

Real Geeks

3.1 Overview and Main Features

Real Geeks stands out as an all-in-one real estate sales and marketing solution designed for real estate brokers. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including:

  • Lead generation real estate websites
  • Website creation features
  • Lead nurturing automation
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • A robust customer relationship management system

3.2 Pros

  • Easy-to-Navigate Interface. Real Geeks boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible for users at varying tech proficiency levels.
  • All-in-One Lead Management Solution. Offering an integrated platform, Real Geeks covers lead generation, CRM, website creation, and more.
  • Training and Setup Services. Users benefit from great training and setup services.
  • Website Design Services. Real Geeks provides users with the option for professional website design services.
  • Add-On AI Chatbot. The platform offers an AI chatbot named Robin as an add-on, automating personalized lead interactions and speeding up response times.
  • Built-in Lead Magnet Features. Real Geeks includes built-in lead magnet features like home valuation tools, enhancing the way brokers capture leads.

3.3 Cons

  • Lack of Customization in Website Templates.
  • Content Marketing Not Included. The platform doesn’t include content marketing features, which is crucial for realtors. It lacks all the necessary features to run brokerage marketing campaigns.

3.4 Pricing

  • Website and CRM: $299 per month
  • Setup and Fees: $500 (One-time)

#4 KvCore: Best for Real Estate CRM Software


4.1 Overview and Main Features

KvCore claims to be an all-inclusive real estate platform tailored for modern brokerages. The platform is tailored for lead generation and customizable IDX websites.

Key features include:

  • SMART CRM. It uses behavioral automation to alert agents of the best times to engage leads.
  • Social Media Marketing Tools.
  • Listings Management. Simplifies the process of managing property listings.
  • Backoffice Functionality. Offers back-office tools for different operations.

4.2 Pros

  • Lead Management. KvCore stands out as an integrated solution covering lead generation, CRM, website creation, and more.
  • Training and Setup Services. Users benefit from excellent training and setup services.
  • Robust Marketing Tools. The platform provides marketing automation, not just CRM.

4.3 Cons

  • Learning Curve for Beginners. Most reviews point out the increased difficulty of learning KvCore at first.
  • Potential Overwhelm. The platform can be overwhelming for some new users.
  • Costs. Somewhat on the pricier end.

4.4 Pricing

Pricing starts at $499 per month for 1-2 users, with additional plans available for larger teams.

#5 AppFolio: Best for Property Managers


5.1 Overview and Main Features

AppFolio offers cloud-based software designed for various property types, including multifamily apartment complexes, single-family homes, and community associations.

Key features include:

  • Accounting to Marketing & Leasing. Streamlines key processes for a thriving property management business.
  • AppFolio Stack™ Integration Marketplace. Connects property management solutions for enhanced productivity.

5.2 Pros

  • User-Friendly and Multi-Faceted. Users appreciate AppFolio’s ease of use and multifaceted platform.
  • Tools and Features in One Place. Unlike other property management software, AppFolio consolidates many tools and features in a single platform.

5.3 Cons

  • Limitations in Accounting Features. Some users find it challenging to track payment details and the paper trail.
  • Apartment-Centric and Quarterly Reporting. The software is perceived as apartment-centric, lacking functionalities for commercial properties. Quarterly reporting remains an unaddressed community request.
  • Challenges in Customization. Users express a desire for more customization options.

5.4 Pricing

  • For Property Manager Service: $1.40 Per Unit/Per Month

($280 minimum spend per month, and 50 unit minimum)

  • For Investment Manager: Starting at $700 Per Month

Why Investing in Quality Software Matters

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We know three little words that will increase every brokerage owner’s heart rate: high-quality software. Here’s why:

Time and Efficiency

Agents constantly juggle tasks, from lead management to marketing activities. With efficient software solutions, the back office work diminishes while productivity skyrockets.

These tools act as invaluable assistants by:

  • Organizing workflows
  • Automating repetitive tasks
  • Ensuring that marketing materials are consistent across all channels

Enhanced Client Experience

Client experience matters, and that’s true for every real estate business. Happy clients mean added revenue, great social proof, improved WOM marketing, and a source of quality referrals.

A solid system should integrate with various communication channels like email or social media. Nevertheless, client experience also relates to the visual perception of your brand. Using graphic aids like:

  • Email banners
  • Window displays
  • Direct mail content
  • Social media posts
  • High-quality infographics
  • Lead magnets such as ebooks or guides

You can better connect with potential clients and enhance brand recognition. In fact, 55% of brand first impressions are visual, so make them matter!

👉 Get all the visual content your brokerage needs in minutes using our free customizable templates!

Competitive Edge in the Market

B2C businesses prioritizing customer satisfaction experience nearly twice the revenue growth compared to those that don’t. All in all, the right software does just that–it frees up your brokers’ time.

Choosing the Right Software for Your Brokerage

Real Estate Positive Work Environment


Not all brokerages are created equal. Hence, don’t just look at the features; check if the real estate software aligns with your business goals.

Trial Periods and Demos

Don’t commit blindfolded. Trial periods and demos allow you to test the waters. You need this test drive for your business to ensure the software fits and delivers on its promise.

Scalability for Future Growth

Success breeds growth. Your chosen software should be scalable and evolving with your real estate brokerage. So, make sure that it doesn’t only meet current needs but can accommodate future ones.

Case Study: Xara Transforms Westgate Realty’s MLS Listing Marketing Automation


Real stories speak louder than promises. So, let’s explore the case study of Westgate Realty, where challenges included:

  • Establishing a robust brand and online presence
  • Creating stunning marketing materials efficiently while saving time

Traditionally, these tasks consumed 5 hours daily, involving manual design processes and hefty design expert expenses.


Ethan Ives, the Operations Managing Broker, found a game-changer in Xara Cloud:

  • 80 hours saved monthly
  • 75% decreased creation time
  • 60 happy agents

Xara Cloud streamlined Westgate’s content creation, making marketing easy, cost-effective, and swift. The MLS integration enhances operational efficiency, making Xara an invaluable asset for Westgate Realty’s real estate marketing success.

Your Brokerage + The Right Real Estate Software = Competitive Edge for 2024

2024 isn’t just another year. As we step into an ever more digitalized era, seize your competitive edge in real estate with tech-savvy choices. Using real estate tools is how you’ll keep your brokerage on top of the game.

Listen to your gut. The right choice is easy.

Xara Marketing Center for Real Estate Agents Try Xara for free and empower your team

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Why You Should Trust Us

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