Business consulting or consulting, in general, is an industry that is constantly growing, and with that growth comes a lot of competition.

This means that consultants have to stay on their toes to be relevant and get new clients, and one way to do that is by using templates.

Consulting templates are an excellent way for people in the consulting industry to get organized and ensure all their bases regarding their client’s needs are covered. They also help with the organization of information for future use.

If you’re looking for templates for a consulting business, or if you’re interested in becoming a consultant yourself and need some help getting started, keep on reading because we’re going to explore 50+ consulting templates that will nail any proposal and help you save time like never before!

What Are The Advantages of Using Consulting Templates

Consulting is a line of work that requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. You need to be able to show your clients exactly what you’re offering them, how it will benefit their company, and how much it will cost.

This means that you need to have a clear and concise way of explaining all of this—and that’s where templates come in.

Templates are great because they allow you to focus on the content rather than worrying about formatting or layout issues.

They also help you keep your brand consistent across all of your materials and build a lasting impression, which can be key for new clients who don’t know who you are yet.

After all, effective branding is one of the success metrics of any well-established business.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the only consulting templates you’ll ever need! By this article’s end, we bet you’ll be able to start creating your following sample consulting proposal right away.

So, let’s check them out!

Best Consulting Templates For Business Proposals

1. The Resource Management Template

The Resource Management Template was created for business consultants offering business management consulting services.

Consulting firms can use this template to give an idea about the scope of consulting, project timelines and deliverables, budgets, and more.

The Resource Management Template Source

2. The Digital Marketing Template

The Digital Marketing Template is one of the best consulting templates for any freelancer of a digital marketing agency who wants to offer a simple yet visually impressive proposal to their prospective clients.

This business consulting proposal template is highly recommended by our clients, who have used it several times and liked it.

The Digital Marketing Template Source

3. The Digital Consulting Template

This template is great for any digital marketing agency, online business, freelance marketer, or web-based service provider. It works best with young adults and other online agencies. You can use this template in a casual digital setting, such as a pitch meeting.

The Digital Consulting Template Source

4. The Business Proposal Template

This ready-to-go outline is one of the best templates for business proposals or projects that benefit from planning and tracking resource requirements. Although this template is easy to read, it has a formal layout and a somewhat official color scheme.

It is best used in formal meetings, business settings, or when you’re trying to pitch an investment opportunity to a venture capitalist. Keep in mind that you can always import your brand’s elements, such as preferred colors and logos, with our integrated feature.

The Business Proposal Template Source

5. The Simple Proposal For Projects Template

This template will help you write your proposal document for a quick and effective response from your clients. In this template, you can customize the content and make it as per your requirements. It has a testimonials and reviews page where you can build social proof.

The Simple Proposal For Projects Template Source

6. The Simple Proposal For Projects Template (Agility Version)

The ‘Agility Version’ of this consulting proposal is a solution for organizations looking to group and design all their ideas for any business project. It is well-organized and enables you to highlight the entire project details effortlessly.

The template can be used in various industries, such as software development, web development, digital services, app presentations, and many more. It’s more lengthy than its previous version, giving you more space to expand your consulting business plan.

The Simple Proposal For Projects Template Source

7. The Social Media Strategy Template

Consider this one of our most sought-for proposal templates. It’s a plan that outlines your strategy for social media engagement and can be used to prepare market research, bids, proposals, and presentations for potential clients.

This consulting business plan will help you create an effective social media strategy for your small business or digital marketing agency. It covers everything from channel selection and messaging to timelines and metrics.

The Social Media Strategy Template Source

8. The Data Analytics Template

This particular template includes a comprehensive and strategic outline that can easily be adapted as per the client’s challenges. This effective consulting proposal is a great way to showcase your services and capabilities to a client.

It works best with agencies or executives who want to showcase data in an easy-to-read manner and to make their presentation more exciting through its bold colors and eye-catching design.

The Data Analytics Template Source

9. The HR Strategy Template

This template is a simple solution for HR teams and young agencies looking to handle their reach-out campaign through a consulting presentation template.

It covers all aspects of the organization’s departments, including a timeframe, a presentation of the team, benefits and programs, development plans, and other strategies. The yellow and white combo makes it enjoyable to watch and works great for light presentations and less formal approaches.

The HR Strategy Template Source

10. The IT Expert Template

The IT Expert Template can be used by consultants who aim to earn from their side gig in IT or for IT start-ups needing a good visual pitch. The template has a simple and succinct design which makes the visitor feel interested at first glance.

The IT Expert Template Source

Best Consulting Templates For Reports

11. The E-Mobility Template

This business plan template is ready to use for businesses seeking contractors or clients for their idea in the e-mobility field. Because of the innovative concept, the template has a futuristic feel and uses green to highlight the idea of sustainability and the digital world.

We’ve designed it using the proposal format but with report features, which is a common way of making high-quality proposals for consulting businesses that aim to persuade prospective clients into trusting the consultant with their pitch.

The E-Mobility Template Source

12. The HR Trends Template

This one is more of a project management proposal template. It presents the challenges of emerging HR trends in the occupational field, and it relies on numbers and facts heavily. The report is created to highlight the key focus points from the HR field that the editor can use to organize their data easily.

The HR Trends Template Source

13. The Storytelling Template

This template uses a light green color that aims for an easy read, but it also helps the editor present facts, such as what storytelling is, what’s the global impact of storytelling, etc.

You can use it to combine a text-based pitch with relevant studies and showcase significant numbers in simple-to-understand graphs and charts. This business consulting proposal template is perfect for a consultant in the field of books, ebooks, copywriting, ads, and even childcare.

The Storytelling Template Source

14. The Resource Management Template

This business consulting proposal template is a fast and easy way to present a clear, concise, and professional proposal to your clients. This template has been specially designed to make your proposal stand out, no matter what type of audience you are dealing with.

The Resource Management Template Source

15. The Data Analytics For Reports Template

This specific template is designed to help a consulting business build its own enterprises and get more clients. It was designed to teach people to understand large volumes of data and transform a technical presentation into an easy-to-digest one.

The Data Analytics For Reports Template Source

16. The Agility Reports Template

This one features a clean, modern, formal layout and contains all the sections necessary for a professional-looking proposal.

It is highly functional for a consulting business with high expertise and is remarkably confident in its consulting abilities.

The Agility Reports Template Source

17. The IT Expert Template

This consulting proposal template is best used when submitting a plan or solution based on specific recommendations from a preliminary report. We recommend including a SWOT analysis in the template to be more compelling in your report.

The IT Expert Template Source

18. The Digital Consulting For Reports Template

This template is the perfect consulting proposal template for professional client proposals. We’ve designed it to include all the essential sections and features you’re looking for but it still feels very professional.

The Digital Consulting For Reports Template Source

19. The Business Analytics Template

Do you need a business plan template that speaks volumes about your expertise in enterprise consulting, but you don’t have any design expertise? No need to look further, cause this one might be just what you’ve been searching for.

With its dark, elegant theme and focus on facts, figures, and business strategies (SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, etc.) you can use this template to compile a business plan and write a proposal for a specific project or use it as your go-to brand design from now on.

The Business Analytics Template Source

20. The HR Strategies Template

The template is highly professional yet light-colored. It is suitable for any client proposals. Created to be used in the HR services industry, this template is sure to impress your clients if you tweak it just a bit.

Use this proposal template to present yourself as a consulting professional, show your consulting fees, and express your ideas and concerns in a compelling manner. This template is text-based, but it uses the power of design to help you keep your audience engaged.

The HR Strategies Template Source

Best Consulting Templates For Presentations

21. The Bold Business Template

This template gives a clear picture of your company, your services, how your clients can benefit from them, and much more.

It will help you present your proposal in a very professional and official style, so the reader feels compelled to act on your detailed recommendation.

The Bold Business Template Source

22. The Business Plan Template

This consulting presentation template offers all the information needed on data analytics, trends, significant data that should be included in your business plan, executive summary, and many more.

Many consultants use this template to showcase a market summary, the solutions they offer to market problems, and many more.

The Business Plan Template Source

23. The Company Profile Template

This is a good template with key sections about who your company is. It is predominantly created for picture sections, but you can still use the text brackets to elaborate on your structure.

Make sure to give extra attention to the cover page and choose a compelling photo that inspires confidence and that can help you close deals.

The Company Profile Template Source

24. The Digital Business Template

This consulting proposal template features an executive summary, graphs, and charts to convince anyone of the consultant’s worth and where they position themselves on the market.

This is the kind of template that you can bring to an official meeting and impress the entire board with its boldness and unusual pink elements.

The Digital Business Template Source

25. The Financial Pitch Desk Template

This template is largely focused on the consulting team, and it helps you pitch your consulting firm as a key innovator to an emerging trend. It also focuses on essential success metrics and helps the client understand why they would need this specific consultant to achieve success.

The Financial Pitch Desk Template Source

26. The Investor Update Template

This is a business consulting proposal template for financial analysts, fiduciary consultants, investment funds, or freelancers in the financial consulting industry. This template helps you present your client’s goals in the financial market and how far you’ve come together in the investing journey.

The Investor Update Template Source

27. The IoT Consulting Template

This is similar to a presentation template where you introduce your prospective client’s problems to a solution from emerging markets. IoT is a new field of work where people are learning how to harness the digital world even more, so this template can help you pitch innovative ideas to your new client.

The IoT Consulting Template Source

28. The Pitch Deck Template

A consulting proposal template that keeps it simple: you present who you are to your client, what is the problem you want to fix, what solution you’re bringing forth, a project summary, and an example of how it works. As easy as 1-2-3!

The Pitch Deck Template Source

29. The Social Media Strategy For Presentations Template

This plan template will help you save time when it comes to pitching yourself as a professional consultant to a new client.

It helps you highlight a social media strategy tailored to your prospective client’s needs, give them a swot analysis, show them the significant return on their investment, and win them in the end.

The Social Media Strategy For Presentations Template Source

30. The Annual Report Template

This annual report template is not very formal, but it offers a straightforward approach to creating a business proposal. Use it to present your company’s annual performance and financial statistics, as well as highlight new objectives for the coming year.

Its green color inspired a lot of positivity, so you can use that to your advantage when you go through the bullet points of your pitch. However, you can also change its color with just one click!

The Annual Report Template Source

Best Consulting Templates For Catalogs

31. The Serviced Apartments Template

A presentation template with an extensive catalog for real estate consultants who want to showcase beautiful homes and a project summary. You can edit this template according to your requirements or make some changes.

The Serviced Apartments Template Source

32. The Furniture Template

If you want to write a consulting proposal that looks like it’s made by a highly professional designer in collaboration with a real estate team, this is the template for you. Import your brand’s features anytime and change the coloring, add your logo and pictures, or edit it as you see fit.

The Furniture Template Source

33. The Audio Template

If you’re a consultant in the music or audio content industry, this is one of the best consulting proposal templates we have for you. The engaging design is easy to go through and it reads fast, so you can offer your project scope to clients and receive customer feedback in no time. Keep this proposal short and well-targeted.

The Audio Template Source

34. The High Fashion Template

This business consulting proposal has a rather modern theme, and it aims to present a fashion business plan template highlighting models, new collections, and other related elements.

You don’t need to put a fashion catalog together manually, as it’s quite time-consuming. Use this structure for your business plan template instead.

The High Fashion Template Source

35. The Business Template

This is our best template for an employee handbook. It can help you present your company or consulting services in HR and outline a company’s values, rules, legal terms, etc.

The Business Template Source

36. The Corporate Template

Similar to our previous template, this is one of our consulting proposal templates for HR specialists. If you’d like to keep the layout but change the color coding and overall aesthetic, give this template some serious thought.

The Corporate Template Source

37. The Art Gallery Template

This one is similar to a consulting business plan but focused on art. Highly captivating, clean, artsy, and easy to use. With a set of built-in sections and beautiful placeholders, it makes your content look good and well put together.

Grab it and write your ideas on it, then pitch it to your client.

The Art Gallery Template Source

38. The Food Menu Template

This is a premium project plan template. If you want to impress your client from the F&B industry, pitch this to a client from the restaurant industry, or create a food catalog, this is the plan template for you.

Simply change the cover page with your own, add your food photos from your restaurant menu, and voila – you’ve got yourself a food menu catalog that is also great as marketing material.

The Food Menu Template Source

39. The Product Template

On the same page of this template, you can divide the picture from the text section and get your point across during your consulting presentation.

If you want to write a consulting proposal that can impress even your most pretentious client and close deals with your product catalog, then this sharp, neat, and fresh template offers a structure example that will greatly serve your needs.

The Product Template Source

40. The Travel Template

This catalog is perfect for travel agencies, travellers, influencers, virtual assistants, or anyone in the travel industry who wants an eye-catching, modern, refreshed consultancy plan template.

If you want to write a consulting catalog for your travel client and impress them with a professional design, look no further!

The Travel Template Source

Best Consulting Templates For Brochures

41. The AI Template

The AI Template is a brochure template that lets you display and advertise your offerings and pitch your consulting business.

This template features a clean, modern design that’s perfect for any consulting agency working in the tech industry.

The AI Template Source


42. The Social Media Strategy Template

This template is perfect for any company that wants to make its services more visible to potential viewers on social media. In addition to the front page, the brochure features different chapters that you can easily customize. The design is genuinely flawless and relatively modern.

The Social Media Strategy Template Source

43. The HR Trends Template

We know you’re a busy person, so we’ve created an HR Trends template that lets you save time and focus on what really matters: delivering the best HR services in the consulting world.

You’ll never have to worry about creating a truly unique brochure or a pitch that attracts leads and impresses the HR department again.

The HR Trends Template Source

44. The Industry 4.0 Template

With this template, you can show off all of the great things that your consultancy enterprise offers. In addition, you can show how you can provide those services in an easy-to-read brochure format that will help you stand out from your competition. It offers a futuristic design dressed in a business format.

The Industry 4.0 Template Source

45. The HR Leaders Template

This is a career management template for HR consultants or freelancers looking for companies that outsource their HR operations. It’ll make you look professional, and it will help you implement your strategies and proposal in an easy-to-read design.

It includes a visually pleasant cover letter and a format that touches upon all HR aspects.

The HR Leaders Template


46. The E-Mobility Template

This brochure template lets you display and advertise your industry and prove to your audience that what you do matters and has an impact. Therefore, the template is flexible, responsive, and SEO friendly, so it’ll look great on any device or screen size.

The E-Mobility Template


47. The Digital Consulting Template

The template includes many features that make it easy to manage your content. Such as a fully customizable header with a built-in “who are we” section, an industry overview page configured to link to any page on your site, and a “contact us” page.

The Digital Consulting Template Source

48. The IoT Template

Use this template as an informative brochure about the IoT, how the trend is emerging and how your clients may profit from it. This template is made to impress. It has a futuristic design that inspires trust and a sense of opportunity.

The IoT Template Source

49. The IT Consulting Template

This template is perfect for showing potential clients your skills, experience, and expertise. But also to convince people that you’re the right fit for their projects.

Use it for a project revolving in the tech, finance, or app industry, but feel free to customize it for any field of expertise. Our user-friendly features allow you to tailor any template to your needs in minutes.

The IT Consulting Template Source

50. The Sustainability Template

Are you running a consultancy business in the sustainability industry? Then this template is for you. During these times, it’s highly important to emphasize the sustainable aspect of any business. So feel free to use this consultancy template for any industry you’re activating.

50. The Sustainability Template Source

Conclusion + Other Free Consulting Templates

Having the right templates and documents can make all the difference in your consulting business.

Whether you’re a new consultant or an experienced one, you need to have the right templates so you can move forward with confidence. With these 50+ consulting templates, you’ll have everything you need to take your consultancy business to the next level.

But what if we told you there’s more where all this came from? What if you could improve your consultancy business even more?

If we caught your attention, you should check out our new business card templates, social proof templates, and invoice templates.

If you’re looking for more templates that could be useful to your consultancy company, or if you want to write a consulting proposal, check out all of our templates at Xara and get started for free immediately!

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