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These marketing and sales people deliver winning touchpoints with Xara Cloud:

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Design is just the start

Xara’s products are built to simplify design and speed up business results.

The content you want, without the back and forth

What if you could uncomplicate the way you deliver visual content? Xara lets you create, collaborate on, and scale the content that makes your brand stand out. Adding meaningful touchpoints with your audience, instead of tasks.
The content you want, without...

One platform for all your creative goals

Launch campaigns faster, create powerful pitch decks, and manage your branded content in one place. Everything your team needs to engage your audience with the right content in minutes is here, with a workflow that adapts to your creative needs.

Manage & grow your brand: Get content to market faster: Collaborate with your team: Transform any document: Organize & manage your assets:

Manage & grow your brand:

Maintain brand consistency across all your content by automatically applying your logos, fonts colors and defining what others can change.

Get content to market faster:

Bring your team’s ideas to life without the heavy design work. Create consistently branded visuals on demand and meaningful touchpoints at scale.

Collaborate with your team:

Collaborate and deliver high-performing campaigns with your team. Unify your marketing workflows, communicate and centrally share everything your team needs to drive creative projects forward in one platform.

Transform any document:

Import your ideas in any format and transform them according to your goal. Edit a PDF, repurpose it into a presentation and give rigid documents a new life. It’s not about what you start with, it’s about the end-result.

Organize & manage your assets:

Finding and sharing assets across platforms slows your team down. Whether it’s a logo, font, or a project, make it easy to locate, access and upload any relevant assets in a single source of truth


Never start from scratch

With a library of thousands of professionally designed templates, you’ll never have to start from scratch

Real Estate
Tech and Saas

Say hello to on-brand listings and scale your material in minutes, from print to Facebook campaigns. Instant branding and content generation straight from MLS listings take your collateral a step further.

Power up business growth with content that reflects how you envision your brand. From proposals and pitch decks to employee contracts. Hit the ground running, collaborate, and create engaging documents efficiently, to focus on what you do best.

Scale your content and brand reach across all your channels in one go. From engaging Facebook posts to multichannel campaigns, sales enablement content, and content repurposing— Small-team marketing never felt bigger.

Don’t just send proposals and train customers. Create clean, innovative, and reusable branded material that nurtures and grows your client base. Spend time on strategy ideation and delivery, not on creating documents.

Scaling your brand starts with an efficient workflow that adapts to your growth. From presentations to marketing material- Centralize your ideas and your creative process, collaborate, and deliver consistently.


Your message is clear, why shouldn’t your workflows be?

Long tutorials are for complicated tools. We are all about easy visualization.

Pick Building Blocks

Pick Building Blocks

Choose a template and plug your ideas, or upload any doc and start editing it. Add diagrams, tables, images, and watch your ideas evolve.

Instantly brand content

Instantly brand content

All your documents are auto-branded with your logos, colors, fonts and you define what others can change.

Share anywhere

Share anywhere

Reach your audience where they are. Transform one piece of content into many touchpoints for every channel with one click.

Measure success

Measure success

Make data-informed decisions by seeing who engages with your documents, for how long, and understand what documents make your audience tick.


Xara works with your everyday tools

Easy access and distribution of your creative assets.

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Here's why business and design teams love Xara

Must have designer tool for marketing.

Xara Cloud lets me design on a web-based application and post seamlessly to social media sites. I use xara for my company due to being such a simple UI with broad design space. I love being able to connect my team’s cloud drives. Share files, convert files, etc. The capabilities are endless, especially if you have the Xara Designer PRO + application with the subscription.

Solid product and a great feature set.

We use Xara Cloud to create our marketing and training materials quickly and effectively. We’re able to switch brand assets quickly when we have to create pieces for clients, and exporting. It’s quick and intuitive.

Professional design templates to bring content to life.

I know what I want my content to look like, and Xara Cloud provides intuitive, professional design templates to bring that content to life. In addition, the branding tools make it easy to create multiple types of content that all fit within our style guide.

Top rated in major review sites

Last year 52,469 businesses transformed their brand experience with Xara.
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Last year 52,469 businesses transformed...