Click and mortar is the new business model. And with so many businesses competing, scalability is a must. Ranking first on Google is no easy feat, especially for new websites and brands. And relying mostly on print marketing in 2022 won’t get your brand far. You need to produce both digital and print marketing materials.

That’s why you need to scale your brand. Now, scalable content is not just about speed, but also about effectiveness and efficiency.

To achieve both effectiveness and speed while still staying creative, you need some extra tools and strategies. If you’re looking for ways to scale your brand, we’re gonna let you in on a little scoop: design templates.

Brand templates are a must if you want to scale your brand. Without compromising on quality or quantity. It’s cheap and you don’t have to be design savvy to do it.

Ready to increase your sales by scaling? Read on to find out how to incorporate resources such as templates into your workflow. Creating visual content has never been easier.

Why Should You Use Content Creation Templates to Scale Your Brand?

Why Should You Use Content Creation Templates to Scale Your Brand? | Xara Blog

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Having a strong presence on multiple social media platforms is key to getting your brand’s name out there.

While posting constantly is crucial, the quality of the content is non-negotiable. While in a hurry, though, we can make all sorts of mistakes — uploading the wrong size post, using outdated brand assets, settling for an asset because we can’t find the right one.

All this can be avoided when you use design templates to create branded content. Let’s see why design templates should be a part of your strategy if you want to scale content creation.

Focus On Brand Experience

Resources like brand templates allow marketing professionals to focus on creating a memorable brand experience, whether through media or lived experiences. You can customize each template so it conveys your brand’s mission statement and values.

Plus, when you leverage brand templates, you can give more of your energy towards other tasks, such as researching your customer base, storytelling, or writing.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Maintain Brand Consistency | Xara Blog

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Remember, brands exist in the “eye” of the customer. For a memorable brand identity, you need brand consistency.

But staying on brand is often easier said than done. All too often, issues arise. The wrong logo is added to a social media post, or random colors are used in a presentation. Most marketers ask themselves, “why is it so hard to follow brand guidelines?”.

Well, with the wrong system in place, it might be hard for employees to find and make use of brand guidelines.

That’s where a template solution might come to the rescue. A platform that allows you to create branded design templates is open to all employees, not just marketers, and designers. This way, everyone can create documents and materials in the blink of an eye. Plus, you can lock in any mandatory brand assets or information to a certain document or post.

For instance, an Instagram post should contain your brand logo and certain fonts or colors. With a digital solution in place, you pre-set these features and worry less about employees not staying on brand.

Create Beautiful Content Fast and Easy

Not only do templates ensure consistency throughout every business document and piece of content, but they also allow you to create consistent content at scale.

Say you want to create a flyer and a social media post about the most recent updates regarding your product. Normally, you would spend hours designing each one, only to add the same piece of written content.

With pre-set templates, you cut down hours of work. Just add your written content and any additional images or illustrations, and you’re done. The templates are already optimized for each medium.

Quick and easy. Without compromising on quality.

Perfect For Small Teams

Small Teams | Xara Blog

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If your business is small, chances are that you don’t have that big of a budget. For instance, the priority might be to invest in product development, resulting in limited budgets for designers.

In this case, leveraging templates might be the perfect solution for you. With a template solution, you can scale content creation without even hiring a designer.

And even if you have an in-house designer, templates give them a helping hand and space to focus on creative work, rather than fixing little mistakes made by non-designer coworkers.

What To Look For In a Template Solution

Alright. You’ve decided to invest in a template solution to scale your brand. What features should this tool come with?

We have a couple of ideas. While every solution should be catered to every business, there are a few main boxes that each solution should tick:

Single Source Of Truth

For scalability to happen, you need a tool that stores all the brand assets and materials in one hub. This way, everyone has access to templates, logos, fonts, and so on. A digital asset library will ensure faster workflows, better collaboration and it will prevent many errors, such as duplicating content or using outdated assets.

✔ Collaboration and Feedback

If you collaborate with others or need feedback on a daily basis, you should opt for a tool that makes it easy to do so, without using a third-party app.

Business documents templates

Every single piece of content your company produces should follow the rules of consistency and clarity. This includes business documents — like letterheads, invoices, or reports.

Creating a set of business document templates will ensure that your documents don’t look unprofessional and that they convey corporate identity.

Social media templates

Like it or not, social media is here to stay. And it’s one of the easiest routes you can take if you want to engage your audience.

Once you’re on social media, you can go where your audience is – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and the likes.

Social media gives marketers easy access to audiences. But to engage them, marketers need to create killer branded content. And fast.

Brand templates are great if you want to create content at scale, as they allow you to focus on customer marketing, without worrying about including the right logo or whether the post is the right size.

Print marketing templates

Even though we take our meetings on Zoom and engage with our customers on Facebook or Instagram, print marketing still has its place in the world.

A neat, attention-grabbing business card can bring you customers. So can a flyer or brochure.

Therefore, you should look for a template solution that has some print marketing templates in stock.

How to Scale Your Brand With Templates Using Xara Cloud

Are you ready to enhance your scaling strategy? Here’s how Xara can help if you want to produce visual content at scale.

1. Create a Xara Cloud account

You can use your Google or Microsoft account to easily sign up to Xara Cloud.

Pssst. We have a free plan. Give it a try.

Create a Xara Cloud account

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2. Add Team Members

With Xara Cloud, team collaboration is easy. Invite team members, assign them a role, and start coworking!

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Add Team Members

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3. Create Brand Guidelines

With Xara’s cool feature, you can extract brand elements straight into the platform. Just enter your business URL and Xara extracts all the brand assets.

Create Brand Guidelines

Source: Xara

Create Brand Guidelines

Source: Xara

Next, all you have to do is check the logo, choose the color palette and font. Click “save my brand” and your brand elements will automatically load into all design templates.

Create Brand Guidelines

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4. Upload Assets

Got any assets — images, illustrations, icons, or fonts — you’d like to include in your marketing materials? Upload them to your Xara Cloud and create consistent materials every time.

5. Create Branded Design templates

Ready to scale content creation? Create your brand templates. An in-house designer can create these and then share them with colleagues. But Xara’s simplicity and ease of use makes it a breeze to create stunning visual content without any prior design experience.

Create Branded Design templates

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If you’re feeling uninspired, you can scroll through Xara’s design template collection and start from there.

Xara templates

6. Scale Your Brand With Ease

Let the fun begin! You can now create quality visual content fast and in bulk. All the templates, brand assets, and other materials are conveniently stored in one single source of truth, so scaling is easy and fun.

If you want to scale your brand in a consistent fashion, Xara will be your best companion for the trip. With Xara’s tools, creating marketing materials that strengthen your brand’s identity is easy. No designers needed. Curious to give it a go? Check out our free trial!

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