Today marks Xara’s 41st year in the forefront of design technology, and the intention remains the same – To provide new solutions and high-quality tools to facilitate creativity and visual communication.

Designers, marketers, and creatives need fast software they can relate to. Until now, they have been using industry-standard software with different interfaces, steep learning curves, and a lack of compatibility, resulting in compromised quality or deadlines.

To solve these challenges, we are introducing Xara’s Creative Tools- A powerful hub of tools to meet today’s creative needs. From photo editing to desktop publishing and web design, powered by the fastest vector editor in the market. We are giving users complete control and unlimited design possibilities.

Transform Creativity Into Productivity

Design should speak for itself and the brands it elevates. Each brand and its professionals have very different ways of reaching its goals. To facilitate this, we have launched new product plans to meet these demands, giving the users the advantage of accessing single tools or the full power of the suite in one versatile workspace. These are some of the initial highlights:

  • A simple HDPI interface with customizable toolbars to wield more power.
  • Instant access to the latest features & innovations with regular updates.
  • Access to a constantly growing premium template library.
  • Access to an extended creative asset library with millions of images, icons, shapes, and effects.
  • Connect with teams and collaborators and work online with the Cloud integration.

The beauty of design and creativity are the infinite ways to materialize goals. We intend to provide a flexible hub to reach them, removing any step-intensive workflows or having to pay for feature upgrades. It’s all included in user-centric tools and a roadmap to adapt to you.

This is only the beginning. Exciting features, upgrades, and content are on the horizon, and they wouldn’t have been possible without this first step. We can’t wait to unveil them throughout the year.

Introducing The Creative Tools


We recognize the varying requirements of those who create. From retouching an image, editing PDFs, or launching full marketing campaigns from thumb-stopping social media posts and ebooks, to landing pages. Each tool has been re-imagined to adapt to all workflows, compatible with each other and industry standards.

Photo & Graphic Designer+

Retouching an image? Creating social media posts? Show-stopping website graphics? Create it in one workflow. All your photo editing, illustration, and graphic design needs are covered with the fastest graphic software. Check it out today!

Web Designer+

Working with most web design tools sucks. No-code tools have limited customization, and coded sites take ages to build. We solved this, so you can launch your website, capture leads, sell with landing pages, or quickly prototype unlimited websites for clients in minutes.

Designer Pro+

Designer Pro+ replaces the step-intensive industry-standard tools with one straightforward tool to deliver creative projects in less time. From Desktop publishing, web design, and photo editing, and graphic design – all in one versatile workspace for your creative work. You can even edit PDFs!

Xara Cloud Essential and Scale plans

Xara Cloud Scale plan goes all out, packing infinite design possibilities. But what if you could take it a step further? With Xara Cloud Scale, users get the flexibility of Designer Pro+ paired with online collaboration, instant branding, and the ability to manage their team’s creative asset inventory from anywhere.

Delivering more value and flexibility

With research and users in mind, we have decided to turn Xara’s creative tools into a hub of creative options connecting work and resources for a fast, seamless process. All the tools and resources at your fingertips, for less.

Now all our creative tools offer the lowest upfront cost and the highest value without buying new versions or add-ons; it only gets better.

We are excited for you to try them out for free for 14 days, with no credit card required.