We are proud to announce that Xara Cloud has been recognized as a ‘High Performer’ in G2’s Graphic Design, Content Creation, and Document Creation software Summer 2022 Grid Report.

G2 is an acclaimed peer-to-peer review platform, and to be ranked among the top players of the industry, analyst take into account industry presence, functionality, ease of use, ease of setup, and quality of support among other factors reported and compared by real users.


Xara Cloud top Graphic design software

Why G2 Has Ranked us as a High Performer


The peer-review site ranks and awards products according to customer reviews and ratings on a number of criteria. Customer satisfaction and market presence, are the key drivers, and the volume and high rating of customer reviews ultimately determine the positioning in the quadrant.

Some of the awards we received this summer thanks to the great feedback:

User Love Us Award | Summer 2022

High Performer in Graphic Design for the Whole Market | Summer 2022

High Performer in Graphic Design for Small Businesses | Summer 2022

High Performer in Document Creation for the Whole Market | Summer 2022

High Performer in Document Creation for Small Businesses | Summer 2022

High Performer in Content Creation for the Whole Market | Summer 2022

High Performer in Content Creation for Small Businesses | Summer 2022


Why are users ranking us so highly


Rated #2 for Quality of Support among hundreds of software providers, one thing is clear. We are obsessed with our users and we are trying to build the best visual communication platform, to ensure our users create powerful brand experiences with their teams.

Overall usability, ease of use, and ease of setup were among the highest-ranking categories as well as features compared to the rest of the market.


Xara's Customer Satisfaction


Don’t just take our word for it, this is what reviewers are saying about Xara Cloud on G2:

“Must Have Designer Tool For Marketing”

“Xara Cloud gives the user to design on a web-based application and post seamlessly to social media sites. I use Xara for my company due to being such a simple UI with broad design space. I love being able to connect m team’s cloud drives, share files, convert files etc. The capabilities are endless, especially if you have the Xara Designer Pro+ application with the subscription.”

“We use Xara Cloud to create our marketing and training materials quickly and effectively. We’re able to switch brand assets quickly when we have to create pieces for clients, and exporting is quick and intuitive”

“The ability to create various professional documents without relying on a graphic designer is one of the reasons I continue to renew. Xara is a one-stop shop for all my collateral needs. I also like that they are continually improving the functionality and template offerings. The response time and guidance to submitted questions (via the chatbot) are excellent. I should also note the ability to collaborate and share documents as well as publishing for cloud access is a big plus.”

“Easy to use, learned it very quickly. Can use it remotely and our team loves it. We use it to upload menu boards, can do this remotely. Send product sheets to customers without having to download pdf’s and save – prevents mistakes. Designed brochures for tradeshows.”

What Xara Can Do for Your Brand

Small business teams need to create engaging branded content but are limited by disorganized tools and processes—time to create the content that represents your brand on-demand. Managing design systems and last-mile tools throw your productivity and goals out the window. Xara removes the technical challenges of delivering uniquely designed content at scale. Create and adapt any file to your purpose in minutes. Optimized for business teams, with design in mind.

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