Looking for sales enablement content platforms for your sales and marketing teams?

Sales enablement software is an essential tool for any solid team. However, automation is the way to go if you’re looking to boost efficiency and improve processes.

Nowadays, organizations are starting to understand that such tools are investments, not expenses. In addition, the right platform can take your selling efforts to new heights. This occurs due to an optimized workflow, guidelines, and eliminating tedious tasks.

When you automate processes, sales teams take over strategic and creative tasks instead. This elevates the selling efforts to a considerable extent. Thus, sales reps can generate more leads, engagement, and closed deals.

Rinse and repeat. Easy, right? All you have to do is find the right sales enablement platform.

So, are you ready to find the perfect solution to skyrocket your team’s productivity? Let’s dive in and discover the top 5 tools that can revolutionize your sales cycles!

1. Xara

Xara Cloud Website

Xara revolutionizes sales enablement with its powerful platform. It boosts sales team efficiency. Moreover, it fosters seamless collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Over 40,000 businesses use Xara to boost their sales effectiveness.

Key Features and Benefits

Xara Cloud Features and Solutions

Xara stands out with its key features, such as:

  • Workflow collaboration. The sales enablement tool unites sales and marketing, enhancing communication and goal alignment. It has many workflow tools, such as shared assets, tags, comments, user permissions, etc.
  • Asset Management. You can organize sales content effortlessly for quick access. You can create folders, lock templates, create libraries, and upload any file type. Xara has solid privacy guidelines, so your assets are always safe.
  • Templates. Xara offers a vast gallery of templates, ensuring time-saving and brand consistency. You can import your brand features and customize them in a snap.
  • Centralized Brand Assets. Keep all branded assets in one place. Do so by uploading them into a dedicated folder that any team member can access. Then, apply them to any template and turn in into sales content.

How Xara Stands Out from Other Sales Enablement Content Platforms

Xara Cloud Reviews

Xara has a competitive edge when it comes to sales performance management. The platform’s functionality and ease of use are only some of its strengths.

Moreover, Xara connects with Microsoft Office products. Thus, creating presentations, branded documents, contracts, etc., is more effortless.

Here is how Xara excels as a sales enablement tool:

  • Sales Readiness. As a sales rep, you can design marketing collateral for every sales funnel’s stage. With templates and centralized brand assets, each sales cycle stage’s content is ready-to-go.
  • Free Version. Xara offers a version free of charge for users who don’t need to use all the features of its app. Thus, you can try it for free and stick to a limited version of Xara if that’s all your sales organization needs.
  • User-friendly Interface. Xara’s intuitive design simplifies navigation. The drag-and-drop feature and overall functionality reduce the learning curve for sales teams.
  • Scalability. Catering to small businesses and large enterprises, Xara’s platform grows with your company. This is because the price point is fairly accessible. It starts at $12 monthly, and it includes extensive features.

One limitation of Xara is that it doesn’t offer an ROI calculator like some competitors. Additionally, it lacks the extensive many integrations that other sales enablement tools have.

Experience the Xara difference and optimize your sales process for better results. Start for free today and unlock the power of the best sales enablement software!

2. Seismic

Seismic Sales Enablement Content Platforms

Seismic is a sales enablement platform aimed at enhancing sales team performance. It has a history of delivering improved results for teams. Hence, it’s one of the top sales enablement platforms on the market.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Coaching Efficiency. Seismic’s coaching software is designed to increase the productivity of sales teams. The platform stands out by offering tutorials to increase adaptability. Thus, this reduces the time it takes for new reps to get used to it.
  • Integration Flexibility. Seismic supports various integrations. Some popular ones are Bamboo HR, Azure, Adobe, and Hubspot. With so many tools available in the app, the platform offers a streamlined experience.
  • Data-Driven Insights. Seismic’s enablement intelligence feature provides valuable data insights. Hence, users can make informed decisions and optimize sales strategies.

How Seismic Stands Out from Other Sales Enablement Software

Seismic offers AI-guided selling for superior sales enablement. You can personalize content delivery with tailored recommendations.

The platform helps improve sales performance using data-driven insights. It streamlines sales processes by automating content organization.

Seismic also offers industry-specific modules. Still, we’ve seen this feature in other platforms too. Basically, Seismic features customized modules for different sectors. It offers products for businesses in Finance, Healthcare, and Technology.

When considering Seismic, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations:

  • It focuses on larger organizations. Seismic targets larger enterprises. This makes it less suitable for small businesses or freelancers.
  • No Free Version. Seismic does not offer a free version of its platform. This may be a drawback for some potential users.
  • Undisclosed Pricing. To get a quote, you must contact the sales team directly. This suggests that the platform is pricey and not accessible for start-ups.

Seismic’s sales enablement platform offers a range of features. Still, weighing the platform’s benefits against its limitations is crucial.

3. Highspot

Highspot Sales Enablement Content Platforms


Highspot is a leading sales enablement platform. It is designed to streamline the sales process and improve sales content management. It empowers sales teams.

Highspot offers a comprehensive solution to help sales professionals meet their goals. Its advanced sales enablement tools offer top-tier products to help you succeed.

Key Features

Highspot has a series of great products to help you achieve sales productivity.

Here are some of them:

  • Content Management. Ensure your sales reps can access compelling, up-to-date content that resonates with customers. You can classify and manage content through Spots and SmartPages.
  • Reps Guidance. Equip your sales reps with the context needed to execute strategic initiatives. Utilize sales plays to contextualize content. Optimize the sales process and increase conversion rates.
  • Buyer Engagement. Address the needs of well-informed buyers who conduct research. Equip your reps with the knowledge and tools to educate buyers. This can help you close deals faster and ensure customer engagement goes well.
  • Reps Training. Offer training that is practical and based on real-world scenarios. In-context training enables reps to access lessons and guidance, preparing them to engage with buyers.

How Highspot Stands Out from Other Sales Enablement Content Platforms

Highspot offers access to Spark, a global community for sales professionals. Here you can become part of the world’s largest sales enablement community. Hence, you’ll have access to exclusive events, curated content, and a network of industry professionals.

All in all, Highspot is an advanced sales enablement platform. It provides you with tools and means to get your sales teams on the right track. You can consider this tool if you want to boost sales productivity.

When considering Highspot, it’s essential to note that it doesn’t offer a free plan. Also, they don’t have a free app version.

Moreover, they lack a pricing page on their web page. Thus, you’ll have to contact sales operations to get a quote. Lastly, users complain about the pitch feature repeatedly. The platform also seems to be lacking extensive customization options.

4. Showpad

Showpad Sales Enablement Content Platforms


Showpad is a dynamic sales enablement platform designed to empower sales reps and streamline the sales cycle. The platform suggests it can increase sales by 17% within the first month.

With a focus on sales content management and a complete sales enablement tech stack, Showpad is a good choice for teams.

Key Features

Showpad boasts a series of go-to features that make it one of the leading sales enablement tools:

  • Centralized Content. Showpad offers a one-stop platform for sales and marketing teams. You can use it to create and share branded content and deliver buyer experiences.
  • Sales Coaching. Showpad provides onboarding, training, and coaching. Brand managers can use it to train sales reps to become trusted advisors and exceed targets.
  • Analytics and Insights. The platform delivers data-driven insights throughout the sales cycle. This empowers sales and marketing teams to make informed decisions based on live data.
  • Multiple Integrations. Showpad seamlessly integrates with various CRM, marketing, and tech tools. Hence, it provides a well-connected sales enablement ecosystem.

How Showpad Stands Out from Other Sales Enablement Software

  • Personal Video Recording. Showpad stands out with its video recording feature. Use it to record and share videos with prospects and the sales team, integrate them into emails, or as sales collateral.
  • Custom Training and Integrations. The platform offers tailored training and integrations to meet specific team needs. They provide personalized solutions for busy sales managers. They’ll make it happen if you have a custom request, such as an integration you need. They’ll also appoint a specialist to train your team or assist you personally upon request.

Showpad qualifies as a sales enablement platform that sets your sales representatives up for success.

Still, they’re also lacking a detailed pricing page on the website. Users don’t know what to expect regarding costs, which is a downside. Also, their platform is not as functional as it seems.

Users reported having trouble finding items and uploading different types of files. The platform also lacks collaborative tools, like user permissions or admin roles.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot Sales Enablement Content Platforms


HubSpot is a top platform for sales enablement solutions and customer relationship management. Tools like Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub bring teams together for greater success.

Key Features

HubSpot offers five main features or hubs:

  1. Marketing Hub. This hub centralizes marketing operations into one service. Some of its offerings include AI-powered data processing, insights, reporting, forms, and marketing CRM.
  2. Sales Hub. This hub includes sales engagement tools, CPQ functionality, and more. It integrates with HubSpot’s app marketplace. Overall, it has many features in itself that make sales enablement seamless.
  3. Service Hub. The service hub improves workflow collaborations. It features a shared inbox, custom surveys, reporting, and more. This part of HubSpot aims to increase team success and become an integral part of operations.
  4. CMS Hub. This part of the platform focuses on hosting, website building, page editing, and more. The content management hub helps you “build digital experiences for customers’’. However, we’ve noted that this hub doesn’t focus on much other than your website. You can’t use it to create marketing collateral or boost content creation.
  5. Operations Hub. This software unifies customer interactions with data and reporting tools. Moreover, it centralizes customer operations and automates data processes.

How HubSpot Stands Out from Other Sales Enablement Software

HubSpot has unique advantages that other platforms might not offer.

  • For example, HubSpot offers a free CRM tool.
  • Free Courses and Certifications. HubSpot provides top certifications and free courses for users.
  • Over 7000 Service Providers. The platform is integrated with many providers for a complete suite of tools (tax, accounting, marketing, etc.).
  • Lastly, Hubspot offers many free tools. HubSpot includes free marketing, sales, service, CMS, and operations tools for those just starting out.

Still, HubSpot has some drawbacks:

  1. No templates or sales enablement collateral for marketers.
  2. Pricing. The lowest marketing package for enterprises starts at $792/month.
  3. Multiple Modules. Different marketing, sales, CRM, and operations modules can be challenging to learn and adapt to for teams.
  4. No A/B Testing on Lower Plans. HubSpot doesn’t offer A/B testing on lower-tier plans.
  5. Non-Terminable Yearly Contracts. Users cannot end yearly contracts before the expiration date.

Still, HubSpot is a powerful sales enablement solution and CRM platform. It unites marketing and sales teams for greater success. If you have the budget, HubSpot can be the right sales enablement tool for your needs.

Takeaway: Sales and Marketing Teams Should Pay Attention To This

Sales Team Meeting Source

Picking the right sales enablement tool is essential. Take your time, weigh your options, and don’t be swayed by price or popularity alone. Keep your company’s unique needs and your sales enablement strategy in mind.

The ideal sales enablement content platform streamlines content and collaboration. Basically, it enhances your team’s experience.

With so many sales enablement tools and platforms out there, focus on strategies that resonate with your team. Prioritize sales analytics and content management. Explore various sales enablement apps and solutions to find the perfect fit.

Don’t forget to factor in your budget, too. You can try out each platform’s demos or free trial to see what works for your teams.

Strive for success in both sales and marketing initiatives. Sales enablement platforms can boost the quality of your sales conversations. Your sales enablement teams deserve the best tools available.

It’s time to take action and get inspired! Don’t settle for anything less than what your company deserves. Check out Xara now, and revolutionize your sales and marketing game!

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