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Switch to Designer Pro: \$100 off for Adobe owners!

We have a very special offer for owners of Adobe® Creative Suite® who are considering the alternatives to an Adobe Creative Cloud™ subscription.

Owners of any Adobe graphics and web product can buy a perpetual license for Xara Designer Pro X for just \$199 (or £129 inc VAT in the UK or €179 inc VAT in the EU). That's a discount of more than 30% on the regular price of \$299 (£199/€279)!

Xara Designer Pro is a professional level graphic design tool, that offers integrated tools for illustration, DTP, photo editing and web design in a single package. In other words it is a single solution for all your graphic design needs.

Reviewers have highlighted the benefits of Xara's user experience including its exceptional speed, ease of use, uncluttered and intuitive user interface. To give a few examples, the interactive nature of all its design tools, the common use of drag & drop, and solid object drawing and dragging all make experimentation both quick and easy. Whether you are a pro or amateur we believe that being creative should always be a pleasure!

Many of Designer Pro's design and illustration tools are best of class - for example shadow, feather, fill, blend and 3D extrude tools. Xara has been a pioneer of graphics technology such as vector transparency and graduated transparency, and we've continued to innovate in recent versions.

Xara Designer Pro's photo and bitmap handling is faster and more powerful than you'll find in other graphics programs. Designer uses compression techniques that means that Xara files including photos can be up to ten times smaller than equivalent images in other drawing programs, with huge benefits for speed and usability. Plus Xara's non-destructive editing maintains the high quality of your original photo, however many times you edit it, and gives you the ability to undo any edits you've made to your photo, even after saving and reloading.

Uniquely Designer Pro also includes all the tools you need for WYSIWYG web design – just check out the sites created by Xara users in our Website Gallery.

The perfect design tool, whatever your experience and style

Xara Designer Pro (and earlier versions Xara Xtreme PRO and CorelXARA) have been widely used for design and illustration for more than 10 years, by both amateurs and commercial designers. Here is a small selection of examples from The Xara Gallery, which displays our pick of their work. 

Upgrade FAQs

Which products qualify for competitive upgrade discounts?
Any graphics or web design product from Adobe, including Creative Suite, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks.

What will I get when I purchase Designer Pro?
Instant unlock of the current version of Xara Designer Pro X, plus a DVD with the Designer Pro software, full help, more than 60 Live Effects plug-ins, 500 textures, 250 Truetype and PostScript fonts. A PDF manual. Website M hosting & top level domain free for one year. Plus under our Update Service access to all updates, and an online content catalog with over 1000 print, web graphic and website templates and Widgets, free for 365 days!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We offer a 30 day, no quibble money back guarantee on all our products.

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Check out the design work of the Xara experts in The Xara Gallery and websites created by our customers in The Website Gallery.

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Examples using the photo tools

Example Site 1:
Example Site 2 (based on the bundled Fresh theme):
Example Site 3 (based on the bundled Able theme):

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