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Introducing a new interface, seamless handling of design and data, and powerful commands to speed and simplify print, digital and website design work. Whether you design for a living or for fun.


Buy 2023’s version and own it forever. Great for hobbyists and occasional users.

  • NEWNew Interface
  • NEWCustomizable Tables
  • NEWImport data from spreadsheets
  • NEWWidget upgrades
  • NEWMulti-language support
  • IMPROVEDLive Copies
  • IMPROVEDWeb Export


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    • Capterra

      4.6 Rating

    • G2

      4.0 Rating

    • Sourceforge

      5.0 Rating

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    Delivered finished websites, print and online marketing touchpoints in minutes.

    Designer Pro v20

    One-time purchase is for you if…

    Xara Perpetual is a great option for personal and casual use, or for those creative side projects. A stable product that does what you need it to do.

    Designer Pro+

    The Plus plan is for you if…

    If you rely on Xara for business purposes, want instant access to the latest features and fixes, like to leverage a professionally designed template library, and require business-level support, then Plus is for you.

    sourceforge review

    Blair P.

    Company Size 1 - 25
    Reviewed on 2023-10-30

    Xara Designer Pro+ is blazingly fast. It makes the other vector editors feel like turtles.They are constantly improving their product.It is easy to use. It will make you look great. 😊

    What’s new in Designer Pro?



      Website Blocks

      Build the website you need by combining and customizing pre-designed layouts in a few clicks.


      Xara Elements

      Xara Elements (Formerly Online Content Catalog)

      From high-quality templates to unique vectors and images. Speed up your creative process with handpicked library.

    • font-selection

      Font Selection

      Automatically find and apply installed fonts with special characters.

    • working-tables

      Working with tables

      Now you can design tables, product sheets, and invoices in Xara, use and edit them in PowerPoint and MS Word documents.

    • Copy-external-data

      Copy external data into Xara

      Copy and paste data from spreadsheets or other external sources into your Xara tables; for accurate and beautiful marketing and sales docs.

    • Tables

      Fully Customizable tables

      Re-order rows & columns with a simple click & drag, paste multi-line text from spreadsheets and copy cells from one table to another.

    • CMYK-control

      CMYK Color Profile Control

      The Color Profile used to display CMYK colors on screen and on export can now be controlled for each document, via the View tab of the Options dialog

    • brushes

      Fast-loading lines and brushes

      Previous versions of Xara experienced a delay in loading the Line Gallery which in some cases also caused the current selection to be lost.

    • plugins&blocks

      Widgets got more accessible

      Using Widgets, Symbol Picker, Google Font Finder and the Erase Tool Guide are now accessible with the latest Microsoft Edge technology for a smooth workflow and widest range of widgets like PayPal and YouTube.

    • align-toolbar

      Align Toolbar

      The distribute options on the Align Toolbar have been changed from Distribute centers, to Distribute equally spaced, a more common requirement because it works well with objects of different sizes.

    • mobile-experience

      A superior mobile experience

      Page animations got improved on pages with vertical scrolling. A vertical swipe will no longer changes page on pages with vertical scrolling or if text selected.

    Compare versions feature by feature?

    Designer Pro+ June 2023 UpdateMy V20 Launched in December 2023My V19 Launched in March 2022My V18 Launched in March 2021
    User Interface
    Instant offline access to templates No need to access the online content catalog to choose templates. They are accessible right next to your design. - -
    Clearer icon designs throughout the interface - -
    No delays loading brush definitions: Enhanced Line Gallery - -
    Web Design & SEO
    Modular web design and web blocks - - -
    Pre-built sections with e-commerce tools - - -
    Pre-built sections with scheduling capabilities - - -
    Pre-built sections with forms - - -
    Pre-built sections with lead generation tools - - -
    Pre-built sections displaying media & reviews - - -
    Adaptable Pre-designed Section Layouts - - -
    Open Graph


    WebP image export


    Self-hosted fonts -
    More use of SVG - -
    Widget editing Improved widget editing workflow - -
    NavBars Improved workflow for changing NavBar styles, and use any font in your menus - -

    View More Features

    Customizable Tables & Data
    Fully Customizable Table Templates

    limited set

    - -
    Import data from spreadsheets - -
    Export tables to Word & PowerPoint - -
    Desktop Publishing
    Multi-line SmartFields Insert important contact information or commonly used phrases across your documents. E.G Name, job title, company name, email - all at once. - -
    Insert Page Count Now you can also show the total page count with the page number (E.G. Page 43 of 71) - -
    Numbered Lists - show all level numbers Show hierarchies of parent and sub-points when creating numbered lists. - -
    Font handling for missing characters Xara finds and applies fonts supporting characters that most Google fonts don’t support and suggests alternatives. - -
    Easy text auto-fit - -
    CMYK color profiles Set the CMYK color profile for each document - -

    View More Features

    Live Copies Duplicates objects and update every copy by editing one of them. - -
    Shape Tool An easy way to maintain the angle of the bezier curve when you drag its handles to change its length. - -
    Photo & Quickshape easy switch Photos can now be scaled and stretched by any of the selection handles. Switch between the selector and photo tool with two clicks. - -

    Got questions?

    What's new since v19?

    V20 is our latest perpetual version, packed with new features, improved performance, and a more intuitive user interface. For a detailed comparison between V20 and V19, please refer to our version comparison in the section above.

    How does V20 compare to the Plus products?

    v20 offers a similar set of features to those of Plus products. But Plus products are continuously updated with the latest features and come bundled with “Elements.” If you’re looking for the most up-to-date tools and premium content, our Plus products might be the right fit.

    What content is included in v20? Is there more in Plus?

    V20 is a perpetual version of our product, offering a one-time payment for users who prefer this model, feature set and don’t need a content service. For now, “Elements” is offered bundled with plus products as it requires a subscription.

    How can I buy the OCC (now called Elements)?

    Our Elements(Formerly Online Content Catalog) is included with our Plus products.

    I bought a previous version from Magix with a subscription similar to "Elements." What happens now?

    If your subscription from Magix has expired, you can choose to subscribe to one of our Plus products which offer “Elements” bundled, to continue accessing our premium content library. “Elements” is our latest and most comprehensive content offering, designed to give you more design possibilities.

    How do I access v19 or older license keys, software downloads, and manage devices?

    Access your serial numbers and software download links through the Magix Service Center. If you forgot your login to the Magix Service Center, contact Magix’s customer support.

    What level of support is available?

    Xara prides itself on the success users have with our products. We invest in creating resources for users to get answers and how-to guidance in real-time as designs are being created.

    Will there be future versions after V20?

    While V20 is our latest offering, we plan to develop future versions that incorporate new features, enhancements, and the latest design trends. There are no dates or plans set for a future version. If you require the latest features, updates, and constantly updating design content, the Plus versions are updates on a regular basis.