If you’re running a startup or simply looking for a pitch presentation for your next big project, you’re in the right place. Pitch deck examples can help you understand how you should structure your presentation. Not to mention they save time and make you look like a pro.

A great pitch deck is the key to securing funds for your new venture. A powerful and compelling pitch presentation will grab your audience’s attention. Then, it’s up to you to sell your new brand and close the deal.

Thus, let’s take care of your pitch deck and explore 7 winning pitch deck examples!

What Makes a Pitch Deck Good | What To Avoid In a Pitch Deck

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Successful pitch decks are a subject of interest in the startup world. The theory behind them is simple. You must keep them short, concise, and bold while connecting to your target market. What’s more, you have to craft a story around your numbers. Yet, many fail to secure funding. Why? Let’s see:

A great startup pitch deck should follow these guidelines:

  • You should have a strong opening line. Find a hook that grabs people’s attention. It could be a quote, an alarming statistic, or anything that speaks to your target audience.
  • Present yourself, your company, and the team. Investors want to know if they can trust you to deliver on your promises. The team slide is an essential part of any good pitch deck.
  • Present the problem. Your startup is looking to fix an issue in our society. Which one is it? If you want to raise money, you must assure potential investors that your product has demand.
  • Highlight the solution. Use the solution slide to present your innovative idea and really make your pitch deck matter.
  • Make your case. Correlate everything you’ve stated so far. Bring in the best statistics and market studies, and add some pathos to the presentation slides. Use visual representations.
  • Ask for what you want. Investor pitch decks end with exposing numbers. Here you get to ask investors for your desired sum. Also, the presented slides should highlight how you will spend the money (roughly). You can also present forecasted revenue for the months ahead. Investors pay twice more attention to these slides.

Avoid these common traps when looking for pitch deck examples online:

  • Spammy apps that are not transparent about pricing. They usually charge you at the end of your work, or you pay once, and if you have to edit something, they’ll make you pay again.
  • Avoid websites that can’t be trusted. If Google is redirecting you back, trust it.
  • Avoid templates with limited to no customization.
  • Avoid templates that you can’t download in other file types than Word.

7 Pitch Decks That People Actually Want To See

What do the Uber pitch deck, Facebook pitch deck, or Airbnb pitch deck have in common? They’re some of the best pitch deck examples ever! How so?

Well, they didn’t bore their target market (potential investors) with fluff. Instead, they cut straight to the point and presented facts, data, and solutions.

Structuring your pitch deck can become overwhelming, as you don’t really know where to start. Plus, even with all the data ready to go, how can you design it to look engaging and professional?

Using a pitch deck template! Templates are a great way to showcase your ideas interactively while staying true to your brand.

So, let’s explore 7 pitch deck examples that’ll win investors over:

1. The Sales Product Overview Template

Winning Pitch Deck Example: Sales Product Overview Template

This template is one of our newest designs, and it features a classic theme that fits many pitching scenarios. It offers traditional sections like:

  • Who Are We (good deck slide for introducing the team)
  • Problem Vs. Solution (great if you’re going for a strong opener)
  • Product Description
  • Target Audience

And more!

Use it to showcase your product or service in an extensive way. This template has plenty of slides for you to use. Still, you can always add, subtract, or change them as you wish.

2. The Company Profile Pitch Deck

Winning Pitch Deck Example: The Company Profile Template

This pitch deck template is perfect for an extensive overview of your business idea and company. Use it to display your company’s mission, values, and future opportunities to your potential investors.

You can fully customize it to match your brand’s guidelines. We recommend using this pitch deck example for a people-oriented, B2C startup. It’s formal yet data-rich, and it has plenty of slides to delve into the details of the company.

3. The B2B Sales Deck Pitch Template

Winning Pitch Deck Example: B2B Sales Deck Pitch Template

This pitch deck is colorful, captivating, and distinctive. If your audience will attend many startup pitch decks that day, this one has a solid chance to stick with them.

The pitch deck template is playful and interactive. The presentation slide deck displays data in diverse formats and spots throughout the slides. It includes all the necessary features of a pitch deck, but the template stands out. Use it to make a long-lasting impression.

4. The Business Pitch Deck

Winning Pitch Deck Example: Business Pitch Deck Template

The pitch deck is your go-to template for when you have a strict time limit to present your business model. This pitch is straight to the point and highlights investors’ favorite slides: case studies and how your product will deliver the perfect solution. Add a financial forecast slide, and you’ve got the perfect pitch.

This is not your creative, out-of-the-box startup pitch deck template. Instead, it’s all about business. It’s designed to resemble Uber’s pitch deck, which has a minimalistic, straight-to-the-point design.

We recommend keeping it short and sweet while customizing it to fit your brand. Add your logo, fonts, and colors, then present it confidently to raise funding.

5. The Company Profile Pitch Deck (V2)

Winning Pitch Deck Example: The Company Profile Pitch Deck v2 Template

This pitch deck template is modern and sleek. Its design features simple yet professional elements. This is one of the startup pitch deck examples that fit companies in the tech, SaaS, or e-commerce field.

It has plenty of pictures you can replace with your own to make it more personal. You can insert quotes or strong lines on those slides to boost the emotional side of your presentation.

Make sure to pay attention to the competition slide, problem slide, and traction slide too. Pay equal attention to numbers and your story. Investors are people, too, so you need to connect with them.

6. The Agency Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Template: Agency Pitch Deck

The agency pitch deck is perfect for businesses in the service industry, especially agencies, and consultants. If you’ve got a creative practice, a SaaS business, or you’re running an agency, this template will help you give your presentation life.

The theme is formal, modern yet full of color, which is excellent if you want to grab attention.

Raising funds for your innovative idea becomes easier with this eye-catching pitch deck template. The best pitch presentations are those that convey your business idea professionally but also stick with your audience.

As always, make sure to pay attention to the business plan and go-to-market strategy and stick to your key points. A good design can only take you so far.

7. The New Fashion Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Template: The New Fashion Pitch Deck

This pitch deck goes doesn’t need much introduction. If you’re pitching a line, fashion business, or your designs, this is the best pitch deck for you. It’s rich in photo sections, but you can add more.

The text boxes are displayed in a way that doesn’t steal the spotlight from the visuals. Still, the slide deck has enough room for text and data to display your business idea and key metrics.

Successful startup pitch decks are difficult to find, especially when you niche down. Fashion startup pitch decks may be a rarity, but now you’ve got your hands on one of the best free designs!

Choose The Best Template For You and Nail Your Pitch

Embarking on the journey to create a winning pitch deck can be both exciting and daunting. Armed with the right startup pitch deck examples and an understanding of what makes the best pitch decks stand out, you can succeed.

Remember that a good design is only a tiny part of what you must do to raise funds. However, it’s essential, so make the most out of it. Successful startups (with an average of $1.3 million in seed funding) have pitch decks with 19.2 slides and take an average of 3.44 minutes to present.

Take inspiration from them, and don’t forget to customize your chosen template to reflect your brand. Keep the content concise, engaging, and focused on your business model slide.

As you embark on this journey, remember that simplicity is vital. Opt for straightforward language that effectively conveys your message.

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