To say that today’s job market is competitive is something of an understatement, so it’s more important than ever for your Curriculum Vitae to stand out from the crowd. Often, there are dozens of candidates for just one or two positions so it’s well worth exploring professional resume templates such as those offered by Xara. And, of course, it goes both ways; employers looking to fill key roles or specific jobs want to access as much information as possible at a glance. Busy people don’t have time to wade through uninspiring files, so read on and learn how to grab the attention of the people that matter with documents that you can be proud of.

Versatile templates that put you in charge

Firstly, let’s take a closer look at what makes a great resume. In the US, the expectations of would-be employers have always been slightly different to their European counterparts. A traditional British CV, for example, is little more than a list of educational and professional qualifications, job experience, interests and personal data. It’s easy to see why the UK job market used to rely so heavily on the interview process. Today, however, European employers are taking a leaf out of the American-style book, and resume templates like Xara’s play a huge role in the process.

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What should you be aiming for?

Personnel and HR Managers want to see interesting facts and well-presented data. They want to make quick decisions and weed out unsuitable applicants. While you shouldn’t leave out pertinent information regarding your skills and achievements, you should aim for quality rather than quantity. Xara Cloud makes it simple to create a high-impact Curriculum Vitae with stunning graphics and lots of options. From the initial layout and overall design to extra details like bullet points or charts, you can showcase yourself as the ideal candidate with a host of professional tools at your disposal.

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Successful applicants know what to aim for

Your CV is a vital part of your quest for the type of jobs you deserve. While it’s tempting to choose the colors of your favorite baseball team or a fun motif, a professional approach is more suitable. Perhaps the company you’re interested in has its own colors or logo. Similar font styles and tones that match the corporate livery are sure to make your resume stand out from the crowd. Xara templates allow you to be as creative as you wish while presenting that all important information in a fresh new way.

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