Nowadays, every brand seems to be gripped with social media. Social media is an essential tool for growing your brand, however achieving progressive growth on social networks is often a huge task for many entrepreneurs, business owners, and marketers.

You are required to bring about social media achievements by applying smart strategies based on creativity, research, and testing. Moreover, the progress on social media involves developing a process that is advanced and repeatable on multiple social networks at once. You are required to pay attention to your audience, reply to everyone who interacts with your content, and even engage with your followers on all the platforms. This means social media can consume most of your time. Here are some tips on how to handle your social-media in just a few minutes of your day.

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Currently, there are millions of active social media users all around the world. You can also try to reach almost every new customers on social media. However, it’s nearly impossible to run a business and keep up with every social media platform every single day. Also committing your brand and company to too many social networks, you risk spreading yourself too much.

Understand the advantages of each platform and only concentrate your efforts on the platforms which will bring more traffic and generate leads to your business. Consider what your company offers and your brand when deciding which platforms to use. If you aren’t sure, consider sticking to a couple of the big four platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Facebook has the highest number of users, and if you’re interested in reaching a younger audience base, it’s the ideal platform. Another reason to choose Facebook is the number of hours individuals spend on it. Seventy-five percent of all Facebook users log in to the site daily. Narrowing down your social media platforms and focusing on the ones that work for your brand will significantly reduce the hours you spend on social media every day.

Get a social-media management account

Usually, as a business owner, you check your social media accounts every day. You want to see if you have any questions to answer, new brand mentions, or direct messages. If you have a lot of platforms to run through, this can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there are various tools like Hootsuite or Buffer that allow you to manage all your social media accounts from one place. Instead of wasting hours checking each one individually, you can get all your updates from a single account.

You can quickly monitor social media posts, interactions, or direct messages for all your accounts. You can manage essential details like welcoming and engaging with new followers. Some social media management accounts also show you posts from new followers, enabling you to interact with their posts and create a good relationship. Social media management accounts offer a lot of options to meet your business social needs all in one place.

Use content creation tools for Social Media

A picture is worth a thousand words. The use of images and photos on social media accounts is a grand strategy to improve your social media marketing. Make use of content creation tools like Xara. Xara is a platform that allows you to make the most out of professionally designed templates to create stunning posts, graphs, and designs for social media. It is popular because it allows you to produce outstanding graphics, even if you have no graphic design experience.

It’s an easy-to-use design tool that you can use to create eye-catching images with all the right colors and fonts. You have powerful design features at your fingertips such as templates, photo filters, images, icons, and different text styles to produce images and graphics that will make people notice your brand and attract potential customers. Xara Cloud will allow you focus on content as it takes care of making attractive graphic designs for your social media accounts.

Batch create your post

This is taking one day during the month and creating tons of content in one session so that every other day you do not have to spend hours creating new posts. You can save many hours in a week creating high-volume activities, like emails and tweets and organize them in batches on free templates. Batching will help you produce all your posts in one period. You also don’t have to create new content every day, even if your post is one week old, it does not mean that every person read it when you first posted it. You can also batch some older stuff to reduce the amount of new content you need and re-post it in the next week or month.

Utilize Social Media Analytics

Using social media analytics will help you know how many people are seeing your posts and engaging. Record the social media metric on social media templates to quickly analyze and keep track of the parameters of your different social channels. It will also help you understand who your targeted audience is, and what style of posts will attract their attention. Having the right numbers will enable you to save a lot of your working hours by focusing on posting on what matters most to your audience and in result improving your social media marketing.

Millions of people and countless customers are using social media every day to find new brands, information, and industry news. These tips will make your social media marketing much more effective, focused, and bring better results without distracting you from other marketing efforts or from running your business.

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