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18 January 2024 23.6

Web Blocks & Mobile

1 Feature 3 Improvements 17 Fixes

A highlight of 23.6 is the automatic resizing of Web Block mobile variants, making our new Modular Websites even easier to create. But there are plenty of other web and graphic design improvements to explore, and la nuova versione italiana!

18 January 2024

New Web Content

5 Website Templates 280 Web Blocks

Another major addition to Xara Elements (formerly Online Content Catalog) to increase your creative choices for web design:

• 5 new Website Templates
• 280+ new Web Blocks

14 November 2023 23.5

Flexible Web Blocks

1 Feature 9 Fixes

Powerful new ‘Flexible Web Blocks’ offer a big step forwards for Modular Websites, a new way to help you create great websites in less time!

14 November 2023 23.5

New Web Content

46 New Templates 335 Updated Templates

A significant boost to our content library to coincide with 23.5, all created with the new Flexible Web Blocks:

  • 5 new Website Templates
  • A new Section Headings Web Blocks category with 19 new blocks
  • A new Sliders Web Blocks category with 2 blocks (more coming soon)
  • 20 new Hero blocks

Plus 306 existing blocks and 29 websites have been updated to Flexible Web Blocks so you can make the most of this great new feature.

Check out the new Introduction to Blocks 2 document in First Look > Introduction.

4 September 2023 23.4

New Language Support

1 Feature

Web Designer+ is now available in Dutch, French and Spanish (in addition to the existing English and German), all in one convenient installer.

17 August 2023 23.3

Create Better NavBars

2 Improvements 16 Fixes 101 New NavBar designs

We’ve added new options to help improve the look of your NavBar menus, and over 100 all-new NavBar designs to the Content Catalog (have you seen the movie?). Plus a clutch of useful web export improvements and fixes.

5 July 2023 23.2

Web Blocks Extended

1 Feature 7 Improvements 7 Fixes

Our game-changing new Web Blocks will now work in your existing websites, amongst other web improvements in the latest update.

24 May 2023 23.1

German Versions

1 Feature 4 Improvements 1 Fix

The installer now includes German versions, including a complete online user guide and knowledgebase.