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27 May 2024

New Graphic Assets

421 Icons 123 Vector graphics 1500 Bitmap backgrounds 2136 Photo clipart

Our latest Elements update includes a huge selection of new icons and other assorted vector graphics, photo clipart and bitmap backgrounds.

Dip into our new graphic assets to find the perfect bit of extra color for your websites. Small effort, big return!

9 May 2024 24.0

Video Backgrounds & More in V24

3 Features 7 Improvements 350 Templates 11 Fixes

Discover new creative choices with video backgrounds and support for photo filters in web blocks, amongst other great web design updates. Plus there’s enhanced format support including AVIF, productivity improvements to existing functionality such as the QuickShape flyout, and more than 350 additions to the web content in Elements.

4 April 2024

NEW: Mockup Templates

137 Mockup Templates

We’ve added a brand new Mockups template category that can add a whole new dimension to your design practice.

3 April 2024 23.8

Maintenance Update

10 Improvements 13 Fixes

A whole host of improvements and fixes to smooth your workflow and increase your productivity. Updates include the mold tool, tables, Web Export and more.

26 March 2024

Spring Content

22 Templates 220 Photo Clipart 31 Illustrations 169 Backgrounds

440+ new Spring and Easter themed templates, photo clipart and illustrations for social media and web design.

21 February 2024 23.7

Web Blocks & Web Publishing

2 Features 10 Improvements 15 Fixes

Another step-up for Web Blocks including live dragging and the ability to save Web Blocks for use in other projects. Plus some welcome improvements for the Web Publishing workflow, and PDF import.

18 January 2024 23.6

Web Blocks & Mobile

1 Feature 3 Improvements 17 Fixes

A highlight of 23.6 is the automatic resizing of Web Block mobile variants, making our new Modular Websites even easier to create. But there are plenty of other web and graphic design improvements to explore, and la nuova versione italiana!

18 January 2024

New Web Content

5 Website Templates 280 Web Blocks

Another major addition to Xara Elements (formerly Online Content Catalog) to increase your creative choices for web design:

• 5 new Website Templates
• 280+ new Web Blocks