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7 December 2022 V22.5

Export tables to Word & Powerpoint. Unsupported characters and more

1 Feature 4 Improvements 3 Bug Fixes

Tables created with the new Xara Table tool and exported to Microsoft Word (in docx format) are now fully editable in Word. Xara tables should now also look visually correct when exported to Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) presentations, although they're not currently editable in PowerPoint (text can be edited but the table won’t update).

10 November 2022

New Web Themes

12 Templates 4 Bug Fixes

The template bonanza of 2022 continues with another 12 new website templates, all with the latest animation effects and SEO optimizations - and totally customizable to fit your business or personal website requirement: All include mobile variants A new wider 1280 pix wide main variant for the best possible results on your 4K monitors (but of course they auto scale to lower resolution on other devices) Default image export is now WebP for faster loading, giving a better experience for your visitors, and better SEO results too.

8 November 2022 V22.4

Pasting & Tables

2 Feature 7 Improvements 3 Bug Fixes

Hot off the press, a couple of additions to our new Table Tool to smooth your table workflow: A new 'paste unformatted' option, so you can copy and paste between table cells without styles if required And improved handling of multi-line text when copy and pasting data from external applications such as spreadsheets into your Xara tables

24 October 2022 V22.3

Copy external data into tables

1 Feature 5 Improvements 4 Bug Fixes

Another important step forward for our new Table Tool: You can now copy and paste data from spreadsheets or other external sources straight into your Xara tables.

19 October 2022

Almost 1300 new Photo Filter Overlays

1300 Photo Filter Overlays

Another huge update to the Web Designer+ Content Catalog. We've added nearly 1300 new photo filter overlays in 4 new categories in Image Resources > Photo Filter Presets > Overlays (Bokeh, Color Gradient, Light Leak and Snow). Why not explore the new overlays this autumn and see what you can do ensure your photos stand out from the crowd.

12 October 2022

100+ New Templates

2 Websites 57 Tables 42 Social Media

Christmas has come early with this massive update to the Online Content Catalog of Xara Web Designer+: 2 website themes (in addition to the 20 added last month in Websites > Creative Websites) 57 extra tables, so you can make the most of our brand new table tool 42 social media buttons to help you maximize the potential of your social media

5 November 2022 V22.2

Table Improvements

1 Feature 11 Improvements 3 Bug Fixes

Our great new table tool gets even better. Whatever your requirements - presenting data, comparing products, displaying prices to name just a few examples - it'll be quick and easy in Xara: you can now re-order rows & columns with a simple click & drag an automatic way to convert old Smart tables to the new tables a host of other minor improvements & fixes, listed in full in the Web Designer+ Release Notes, including an interim 22.1.1 release

22 September 2022

New Web Themes

20 Templates

A major boost to your web design choices with 20 all-new website templates for Web Designer+ only. All fully customizable, and all with ready-made mobile variants. Check out the new themes in the Web Designer+ Online Content Catalog > Websites > Creative Websites.