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Enhance every aspect of your website with your favorite tools. Take payments, manage appointments, display media, stay in touch with clients- your way.

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Give your website the right context


Connect your e-commerce tools and start selling products and services online now.


Connect your e-commerce tools and start selling products and services online now.


Easily get in touch with your users with forms. Collect feedback or add contact forms.


Let visitors book appointments and meetings with you right from your site. Set your availability and forget about
back and forth emails.


Embed any type of media to your website, from YouTube videos to rich media databases with product lines or Trip Advisor reviews.


Import, organize and save content your way


Got questions?

What is a Xara integration and connection?

Xara integrations connect tools like Youtube to your website, to power up more functionalities.

How do I get my software included in the directory?

We invite developers to apply to be listed in our Connections and Integrations directory and create integrations with us. You can apply by simply reaching out on Intercom and we’ll get you in touch with our Engineering team.

Are all Xara integrations included in the directory?

The directory includes all integrations that are currently available in Web Designer+ and we try to add more integrations depending on requests.. If you expect an integration that’s not listed, please reach out.

Do integrations cost money to use?

While Xara does not charge a fee to use integrations, our partners may charge a fee for using their service. You can learn more at each integration’s page.

How long does it take to set up an integration on my website?

The time it takes to set up an integration with Xara Web Designer+ will depend on the specific third-party tool you are integrating with. In most cases, the integration process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Do I need to upgrade my plan to install integrations?

All integrations are available in your Web Designer+ subscription.