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5 July 2023 23.2

400+ New Templates

400 New templates 4 Improvements 2 Fixes

A major boost to the template library with over 400 new designs in the Designs Gallery, plus a useful selection of improvements including SmartFields and font selection via the Name Gallery.

24 May 2023 23.1

German Versions

The installer now includes German versions, including a complete online user guide and knowledgebase.

27 March 2023 23.0

The Designs Gallery is Back

1 Feature 5 Improvements 6 Fixes

For maximum convenience and productivity, the Designs Gallery now automatically connects and updates online, so it has the same content as the Content Catalog (except for stock photos and illustrations).

20 December 2022

Calendar Templates

12 Calendar Templates

We’ve just added a new Calendar category to the Designs Gallery. You’ll find 12 new calendar templates in Print > Calendars, fully customizable to your brand – just in time to get 2023 off to a great visual start.

13 December 2022

1200 new Photo Filter Overlays

1200 Photo Filter Overlays

Another major addition to the Photo & Graphic Designer+ Online Content Catalog.

We’ve added nearly 1200 new photo filter overlays in 4 new categories in Image Resources > Photo Filter Presets > Overlays (Light Rays, Night Sky, Rose Petal and additions to Light Leak).

Photo overlays can be added to your photo, even on top of other photo filters, to provide a huge choice of creative possibilities.

7 December 2022 22.5

Export tables to Word, Unsupported Characters, Easy access to your account

2 Features 1 Improvement 5 Fixes

Tables created with the new Xara Table tool and exported to Microsoft Word (in docx format) are now fully editable in Word.

No more ▯ when you paste in a character that isn’t supported by your current font, such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean letters.

Xara will now check for fonts that support the character and insert the correct character into your text using that font.

Find out more in the Photo & Graphic Designer+

8 November 2022 22.4

Pasting & Tables

1 Feature 9 Improvements

Hot off the press, a couple of additions to our new Table Tool to smooth your table workflow:

  • A new ‘paste unformatted’ option, so you can copy and paste between table cells without styles if required
  • And improved handling of multi-line text when copy and pasting data from external applications such as spreadsheets into your Xara tables
24 October 2022 22.3

Copy external data into tables

1 Feature 7 Improvements

Another important step forward for our new Table Tool: You can now copy and paste data from spreadsheets or other external sources straight into your Xara tables.