Photo & Graphic Designer+ includes a large collection of fully customizable templates in the Online Content Catalog.

On this page we include a small selection from several of the template categories to give you an idea of the of variety available. Click on the thumbnail to see larger versions. There is also a selection of additional templates in Xara Cloud, our online service that integrates seamlessly with Photo & Graphic Designer.

Social Media

YouTube Channel Art
Instagram Photo Size
Twitter Profile Photo
Google+ Cover Photo
Facebook Cover Photo

Photo Grids

16:9 Photo Grid 24
Smart Photo Grid 2
Static Photo Grid 8
Smart Photo Grid 7
Smart Photo Grid 5

Print Templates

Father's Day
Save The Date
Gift Voucher 2
Gift Voucher 3
Gift Voucher

Page Components

Example Timelines
Misc Graphics Examples
Chart 2
Buttons 2
Example Rings
Example Arrows
Bullets and Numbers
Example Grey Icons

Photo & Text Panels

Smart Layout 21
Photo Text Panel 3
Text Panel 5
Photo Text Panel 2
Photo Text Panel 9
Polaroid Style 2

Photo Clipart

Photo clipart examples 8
Photo clipart examples 4
Photo clipart examples 3
Photo clipart examples 7
Photo clipart examples 6
Photo clipart examples 2
Photo clipart examples 5
Photo clipart examples