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Xara software is a popular choice in education because of its unique combination of intuitive ease of use with powerful 'real world' functionality. Our software is used in real commercial environments, but it is recognised for its accessibility to newcomers and short learning curve. All products are shipped with introductory movie tutorials and example graphics so you can see results in minutes, not hours!

Xara has been helping UK schools to fulfil their ICT curriculums since the days of the BBC Micro. Our current Designer range is appropriate for GCSE, DiDA and Cambridge Nationals (ICT and Creative iMedia) qualifications:

  • Working on the web from web graphics, animations and web pages to complete websites
  • Vector computer graphics for illustrations, drawings, cartooning, 2D and 3D
  • Bitmap computer graphics including photo editing and photo compositions
  • DTP and document creation including business documents, posters, newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, user guides, and web documents
  • Creating online presentations (for visitors to step through under their own steam, or remotely hosted)

Purchasing for education

Xara titles are great value for money, but we offer further generous discounts to academic sites of any sort. We operate a simple-to-understand, quantity-based discount-structure, shown below (nb VAT will be added at 20%). For 5+ units we ship a network license by default. The quantities shown are for simultaneous users. This is a one off charge, there are no recurring or annual fees (although there will be a charge if you wish to upgrade to later versions when they are released). Additional units can be purchased by the school for off-site use by teachers and pupils, at the same price. Technical support is included in the price.

To take advantage of these discounts, simply purchase from one of our academic resellers or place an order directly with our office in England (contact details below), purchase orders are accepted.

1-4 Units
For purchases of less than 5 units we will send a download link and a serial number for each copy ordered. In the case of Designer Pro we will also send a CD and printed manual.
Designer Pro NEW PRICING £80
Page & Layout Designer £35
Photo & Graphic Designer £35
Web Designer Premium £45
Web Designer £20
Xara 3D Maker £15
Shipping within the UK is included in this price. VAT will be added at 20% to orders from the EU.
5+ Units
For purchases of 5 or more units we will assume that you would prefer a network license. You will need to order a minimum of one media pack (this is a CD with the network master). We will send the CD and network installation manual. The number or licenses ordered will be the maximum you can run simultaneously on your network.
Media pack - £10
5+ 20+ 40+ 80+
Designer Pro NEW PRICING £53 £47 £40 £33
Page & Layout Designer £23 £20 £17 £15
Photo & Graphic Designer £23 £20 £17 £15
Web Designer Premium £30 £26 £22 £19
Web Designer £13 £12 £10 £8
Xara 3D Maker £10 £9 £7 £6
Shipping within the UK is included in this price. VAT will be added at 20% to orders from the EU.
Find out more
Visit the home page of each of our products to find out more. You'll find feature information, demo movies, press reviews and customer testimonials, and you can download the free trials.
Xara Page & Layout Designer: for DTP and document creation

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer: for graphic design, whether it's vector illustration or photo editing, for print or the web

Xara Web Designer & Web Designer Premium: for the creation of web graphics, web pages and websites

Xara Designer Pro
: all the features and templates of Page & Layout Designer, Photo & Graphic Designer and Web Designer Premium in one fully integrated package.
Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/8.1. Intel Celeron or newer, or AMD Sempron or newer, plus:
  • Photo & Graphic Designer*, Designer Pro, Web Designer, Web Designer Premium 500MB RAM, 300MB hard disc space
  • Xara 3D Maker 256MB RAM, 150 MB hard disc space

* The PhotoLooks plug-in bundled with Photo & Graphic Designer 10 has a recommended minimum of 2GB RAM and 15GB hard disc space

Xara Gallery
If you'd like to see examples of work created with Xara software, the take a look at the Xara Artist Gallery and the Xara Website Gallery.

The galleries include work created using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Designer Pro or Web Designer (or predecessors) by both professional and amateur artists and designers.

If you have any questions or need further information our sales staff will be happy to help, please select the Sales option on our contact form or email or phone on 01442 350000 (Monday - Friday 9.00-5.00). You can email Purchase Orders or fax them to 01442 350010 or post them to: Xara Group Ltd, Gaddesden Place, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 6EX.


If you are upgrading an educational copy or network licence please contact sales for a quote. Upgrades are available from older versions, in the case of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro this includes CorelXARA, ArtWorks (Acorn) and Xara Xtreme.