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A brand is a collection of things that combine to shape how consumers view your organization, its products and how it goes about its business.

A brand is a collection of things that combine to shape how consumers view your organization, its products and how it goes about its business. While some aspects of brand identity are invisible, others are not — such as a logo and a company color scheme. If you want to build a brand that people trust, you need to demonstrate consistency and quality in all of your communications.

Whether you’re creating flyers to hand out in the street or an infographic to share across your social media channels, it’s important to ensure your brand identity is well represented. Ideally, you want consumers to look at what you’re creating, and instantly associate with you. Individually adding your own brand colors and graphics to every document you create takes time — and a lot of money. But with Xara Cloud, you can do it in seconds with an easy auto branding tool.


Apply your Brand Colors across your Documents Automatically

If you’re using both digital and physical marketing channels, there’s a chance that you’re processing hundreds of graphics every month. Perhaps you’re creating flyers and posters for local marketing campaigns, and social media posts for national initiatives. With so much going on, it can be easy to drop the ball in terms of brand consistency.

But with Xara Cloud at your disposal, you can ensure that your brand color schemes are applied to ALL of your marketing images. Choose your brand colors once, and all of the hard work is done.


Generate Your Color Scheme from any Image

Any marketing expert will tell you that great design starts with an image — and that’s exactly how Xara Cloud works. While you may add text, various hues and several different design elements over the course of the process, it all begins with the initial photo you begin with. The best marketing messages feature a strong, eye-catching and memorable image, and that’s all you need to create something with Xara Cloud.


Create Your Own Bespoke Color Palette

Designing a killer presentation takes time, painstaking attention to detail and the right tools for the job. Thankfully, Xara Cloud gives you everything you need to create stunning presentations and turn your logo or image into the perfect color palette to grab the attention of your audience and grow.

With your own, unique palette of brand colors, anything is possible. You can create leaflets and pamphlets that look and feel like they belong to your organization.


Achieving Brand Consistency has been Made Easy

Think of Xara Cloud as your very own brand builder. Our powerful suite of design tools takes everyday images and logo’s and turns them into powerful marketing and business messages. Whether you’re creating social media messages or branded business presentations, you can rely on Xara Cloud to create documents that stand out and represent your business in the best possible way.

“Xara Cloud’s powerful drag and drop platform and professionally designed templates gives you ability to design like a pro in minutes. It’s your time to shine!”

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