Welcome to the Xara Widget Guide for Designer Pro 6 and Web Designer 6. Xara widgets are now easier to use than ever, allowing you to drag hundreds of useful, fun, entertaining and informative widget additions to your website directly on to your web page. 'Widgets' is a collective term used to describe a third party service like this, which can be inserted into your own web page (another popular term for the same service is 'gadgets').

It's a simple process to insert your favorite video from YouTube into your own web page, or display the latest news from Reuters or the BBC. Likewise, it's equally easy to insert a widget displaying your latest Facebook photos, or real-time updates from Twitter, add a shop from Amazon and payment processing from PayPal, monitor eBay bids and sales, or embed a Google Map or a contact form.

The widgets can be found in five different categories in the Design Gallery.

1. Form Widgets – ready-made and customizable forms including Google, JotForm, Wufoo and Widgetbox.
2. Ecommerce Widgets – including PayPal, eBay To Go, Amazon shopping cart and storefronts.
3. Media Widgets – including YouTube videos, Flickr and Picasa slideshows and web albums, and Flashwidgetz.
4. Social Networking Widgets – including Facebook badges, Twitter and AddThis widgets.
5. Other Widgets – a range of indispensible widgets ranging from Google maps, news widgets from Reuters, BBC and the New York Times, search tools, event countdowns, clocks and a currency converter.

And you’re not just limited to the huge selection of widgets in the Design Gallery – Designer Pro 6 and Web Designer 6 both support many more widget types available on the Internet – just copy the widget’s code and paste it on to your web page.

Note: If you are using Photo and Graphic Designer 6, please follow the same method for adding widgets as outlined in the Xtreme 5 & Web Designer 5 Widget Guide.

How to insert a widget in Xara Web Designer or Designer Pro 6:

1. Open the Designs Gallery by choosing Galleries – Design Gallery from the Utilities menu.
2. Double-click a widget category and find the widget you want.
3. Click on the widget and drag it to your Web Designer 6 or Designer Pro 6 web page.
4. The Create New Widget window opens, allowing you to preview and customize your widget.
5. When you’re done, click Insert at the bottom of the window.

Web Designer 6 or Designer Pro 6 display a placeholder image for the widget which you can see in action by clicking the Preview button in the toolbar.

It’s that easy!