Widget Pack 1

Widget Pack 1 includes 4 brand new Widgets, optimized for use with Xara web design software.

Image Carousel and Tint Zoom are two very different ways of displaying your photos in a dynamic and eye catching way. Image Carousel offers full control over animation speed and pause, photo size and rotation, and you can add URL links to each photo. Tint Zoom Gallery includes editable mouseover text and labels.

The two Featured Content Widgets are perfect for short feature tables, with fully editable photos and text, clickable links and colors.

The Widgets in this pack are suitable for English language versions of Web Designer 7 or later, Web Designer Premium 7 or later, and Designer Pro 7 or later in any language version. 

For Web Designer MX and Designer Pro X and later: All widgets are resizeable.  For Web Designer 7 and Designer Pro 7: Image Carousel is a Flash widget, which can be resized without restriction; the other 3 Widgets - Tint Zoom, Featured Content 1 and 2 - come in 3 different sizes (800 pix shown below, plus 600 pix and 740 pix). 

Important note: the widgets from this pack, excluding Image Carousel, are included in 365 versions of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro so owners of these products may prefer to upgrade to 365 rather than buy this pack.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a fully working preview. Click the photos and slides to see it in action (for Tint Zoom select a photo from the right and then mouse over the image on the left to activate the zoom).

Widget Pack 1

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Image Carousel (Flash)
Tint Zoom Gallery (800)
Featured Content 1 (800)
Featured Content 2 (800)