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What's new in Designer Pro X9

Designer Pro X9 is a major update, with many new photo, web, dtp and useability features. On this page you'll find an overview of the many enhancements since Designer Pro X (v8). You may also find the more detailed Release Notes useful (created as a Web Document, see below!).

You can see working examples of some of the new web features in our demo page 1 and demo page 2 and the new photo features in our photo feature demo (6 pages). Plus don't miss Gary Priester's 'First Look' at Designer Pro X9 on the Xara Xone.

If you currently have a version older than Designer Pro X, you can find out what was new in the intervening versions here.
If you own a version that pre-dates Xara Designer Pro X (v8) then you may also be interested in what's new since these versions. more info.