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A combination of 3 new web page themes and 3 photo widgets, perfect for anyone wanting to create a modern, dynamic, eye catching site. Both web pages and widgets make full use of the new v8 features such as automatic page resizing, text styles and fully resizeable widgets.

The pack includes three brand new web page themes created to the highest standards by professional designers, one with 13 layouts and two with 15 layouts. Don't forget you can easily customize every template to suit your own site, including our unique instant theme color change, creating an infinite variety of possibilities.

Plus this pack also contains 3 new photo widgets, perfect for combining an eye catching photo with an easy connection to more information. You can add your own link and change the transition time, plus control opacity in panel and fade, and slide direction in panel and slide.  These latest widgets offer a new 'match color' option (matches the main widget color to the main theme color of the page).

The templates in this pack are suitable for English language versions of Web Designer MX8, Web Designer MX8 Premium and Designer Pro X8 or later.

You can preview both the sites and widgets by clicking on the thumbnails below. We have included 7 page layouts from each theme.

Web Themes
Coffeeshop - 15 layouts
Craft - 15 layouts
Growth - 12 layouts
Mosaic Fade
Mosaic Slide
Mosaic Panel