Web Pack 1

A combination of new web page themes and photo slider widgets, perfect for anyone wanting to create a modern, dynamic, eye catching site.

The pack includes three new web page themes created to the highest standards by professional designers, with 15 layouts each. And of course you can easily customize every template to suit your site, including our unique instant theme color change, creating an infinite variety of possibilities.

Plus this pack also contains 4 new photo slider widgets. The widgets are resizeable and offer full control over photo size and rotation, animation speed and pause. Plus these latest widgets offer swipe support for iOS and Android devices, and a new 'match color' option (matches the main widget color to the main theme color of the page).

The templates in this pack are suitable for English language versions of Web Designer MX8 or later, Web Designer Premium MX8 or later, and Designer Pro X8 or later. Important note: the widgets from this pack and the Aphrodite and Paradise themes will be included in 365 versions of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro so owners of these products may prefer to upgrade to 365 rather than buy this pack.

You can preview both the sites and widgets by clicking on the thumbnails below (and we've embedded examples of the widgets in the theme previews so you can see them in action!)

Web Pack 1

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Web Themes

Aphrodite - 15 layouts
Helios - 15 layouts
Paradise - 15 layouts


Cycle 1
Cycle 2
Cycle 3
Cycle 4