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New Xara Xtreme for Linux

May 23, 2006

​Xara are pleased to announce a milestone target has been achieved with the release of Xara Xtreme LX version 0.5. This is the Open Source version of the commercial Xara Xtreme graphics and illustration software.

With the new save and export of designs as bitmaps Xara LX is now a functional, really useful design tool!

There has been substantial progress since the previous 0.4 stable release. All tools are now fully functional with most menu options and some galleries also completed. Xara recently passed build number 1000, representing more than 1000 patches, submissions and fixes to the public code repository.

There are still a number of areas of the program that need work before Xara will reach the 1.0 milestone, which will be the first official 'finished' version of Xara LX. Despite the current 0.5 version number, Xara estimate they are much more than half way there now!

Xara would like to thank those who have given their time to help the project. Without their support this project would not be progressing anywhere near as quickly.

Now that the program is more functional, Xara hope people will start to use it vigorously and that more developers will want to help them drive this forward to become what they hope will be the greatest graphics program to exist on Linux. Developers should visit for more information.

Several screenshots can be seen at



For further details please contact: Nova Fisher, Communications Director, [email protected]

New features since the 0.4 release:-
* New Autopackage installer. It now appears in the Applications menu
* Save
* Bitmap export (JPG, PNG)
* Bitmap import
* Bitmap Gallery
* Colour Gallery
* A choice of document templates
* Layer Gallery and operational layer system
* Guidelines, guide snap and magnetic object snap
* Simple colour editor
* Ability to set the font in the text tool
* Status line & progress bar
* Many new menu items e.g. convert lines to shapes
* Clipviews - path clipping
* Improved combo boxes, drop down menus, buttons and sliders
* Improved toolbars
* Options dialog (and most options now operational)
* Freehand tool smoothing
* Many other features. Many bug fixes
* Full comprehensive Help now integrated

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About Xara Group Ltd

Xara, founded in 1981, was one of the oldest independent software developers in the UK, until it was acquired by Magix AG in 2007. Xara continues to develop innovative graphics, website building, and document publishing tools, which are marketed around the world under both the MAGIX and Xara brand names.


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