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Xara releases Xtreme open source code at Libre Graphics meeting

March 19, 2006

​Xara recently announced that it planned to make its flagship product Xara Xtreme available as open-source under GPL license. At the Libre Graphics meeting in Lyon on 18th March, Xara announced that, after the last few months of readying the source code, it has now made the first release of the majority of the Xara LX source code for public download.

Commenting on Xara's goals, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux and the second space tourist, says: "The announcement by the Xara team positions them well for the growing wave of momentum behind free and open source software. In each market sector, there is emerging a dominant open source application to challenge the existing dominant proprietary application. I wish the Xara team every success in their efforts to ensure that Xara becomes the leading open source graphics application, and to craft a strong community and business around that work."

Xara is inviting contributors to help progress the Linux port. "Xara has done all the ground-work and we hope that we can find contributors who can spare some time to help bring, what we believe, will be the most advanced graphics tool, to the Linux platform," says CEO Charles Moir. "We hope and intend this product to be a flagship Linux application, bringing graphics capabilities that more than compete with the best available on Windows and the Mac to the Linux platform. We hope development progress will accelerate now that we've made code available under GPL."

Demo movie

If you want to see what Xara Xtreme can do, there are demo movies available in various formats here

Demo download

You can find more details here

Source code download


For further details please contact: Nova Fisher, Communications Director, [email protected] [email protected]

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