Photo & Graphic Designer 12

As a registered owner of Photo & Graphic Designer 6 you can upgrade to the very latest version, Photo & Graphic Designer, at a special discount price. It has all the features of v6, plus these major additions:

New Photo options - make amazing changes to your photos!

  • Remove scratches, blemishes and spots from photos with the Photo Healing tool (see examples) or even large unwanted objects with seamless automatic 'magic' erase see examples
  • Enhance your photo based on selected colors with the Color Select control in the Enhance tool, including changes to the colors see examples
  • Change the hue of photos, or (with the Color Select tool) objects in photos
  • Adjust the brightness levels in areas of deep shadow or bright light without affecting the rest of the photo with the Shadow & Highlight controls in the Enhance tool see examples
  • Seamlessly remove backgrounds with the Magnetic Lasso or Background Erase Tool, so you can place the foreground image on different background see examples 
  • Add some amazing creative effects to your photos with the ready-made filters, or enhancement tools such as Cross Process see examples
  • Use the Photo Effect Painter or the powerful mask & region tools to edit or enhance selected parts of your image (eg brightening or blurring)
  • An extra collection of third party plug-ins, making more than 60 in total


Improved user interface - easier, faster, more intuitive

  • Improved workflow via fly-out, easily dockable galleries
  • Better document info and control with tabbed document windows
  • Completely redesigned, heirarchical, online Content Catalog


Improved graphic design & illustration options

  • Flexible new ‘paint brush’ style Shape Eraser and Shape Painter tools for working with both vector shapes and photos
  • Powerful 'snap to' object alignment aids all design
  • Lots of new copy & paste options
  • Extra fully customizable templates in the Content Catalog
  • SmartShapes, a quick and easy way to create and edit some of the most commonly required shapes such as arrows and spirals and some more complex objects such as text panels, charts and photo grids
  • Additional text controls including Text Styles and direct integration with 600+ Google fonts via the font menu, and the Font Awesome and Google Material Design symbol collections (more than 1500 in total) via the new Insert menu


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