Your Update Service is expiring soon but never fear, we have a great renewal offer for you, at a special price if you renew before expiry!  Here's a reminder about the benefits of the Update Service, 4 great reasons to renew:

  • You receive a perpetual license to the very latest version at the time of renewal, which includes all the great new features that you've had access to in the last 12 months
  • Another year of access to the Online Content Catalog with its huge collection of templates, photo filters, stock photos & illustrations and much more - all fully searchable within the Content Catalog
  • A year of guaranteed access to Xara Online Designer, with its ability to edit your Xara documents remotely from any device including Macs, iPads, Chromebooks and Android tablets, and collaborate on designs with colleagues and clients
  • Another year of access to new features and content as we develop them, rather than waiting up to a year for our next annual release. Which means you can keep up with the latest trends in graphic design!

Photo Graphic Designer 365


Your Update Service Questions Answered

If you don't upgrade again the Update Service expires. Some online services will cease, or fall back to a basic service. For current 365 products this means:
  • Photo & Graphic Designer: You will no longer have guaranteed access to Online Designer (included with Photo & Graphic Designer 365 since June 2017), and the Online Content Catalog will no longer be accessible.
In addition you will no longer receive feature or content updates. The copy(s) that you have installed at the time of expiry will continue to run indefinitely, BUT if you re-install on a new machine after the Update Service has expired then the new installation will fall back to the version you last purchased.
Your 365 days will start from the day after your current expiry date, even if you take advantage of our special offer and purchase before expiry.
It is as frustrating for us as it is for you to sit on new features and content that would keep our product in a market leading position and our customers happy! Design is a fast moving business and we need a model that recognises that.

Additionally the old annual release cycle imposed a huge burden on developers, testers and support during the couple of months in which our key titles were upgraded, which could mean we provided a lower quality of service than we would wish during that time. By spreading the new feature releases across the year you benefit from a more consistent level of pre-release testing and post-release support, and we will sleep more easily. Win win!

In other words we are trying to bring you some of the benefits of the subscription model without actually offering a subscription.

A further practical consideration is that Xara Online Designer is progressing rapidly, future updates in Online Designer will frequently require matching updates to Web Designer to ensure file and feature compatibility, and we therefore need a model for our client side products that is more in tune with the release cycle of Online Designer.  Find out more about Xara Online Designer.
Our noticeboards will announce new updates, and we will have further information on our What's New pages for Photo & Graphic Designer and in our monthly newsletter, the Outsider (you can sign up for the Outsider here). Alternatively you might like to join us on Facebook or Google+ or follow us on Twitter.