Artist Gallery : Javier Vila

I was born August 24th of 1970 in Montevideo Uruguay, a little country in South America with a high education level and has one of the 12 best resorts of the world "Punta del Este".

I never studied art but drawing came easy to me. As a child, I won a drawing contest at my primary school.

I am married and have one son Mauricio who is very skilled in drawing.

I graduated as electronic technician and I have been working in software systems since 2004 I'm the coordinator of the customer system support division of Sisteco S.A. the most important enterprise in developing and maintaining Retail, credit card and loyalty systems in Uruguay. Around 2005 I had the need to use graphic design tools and I started to use them timidly at first until a fellow worker introduced me to Xara in June 2008. Since that moment Mauricio, (my son) and I have become big Xara fans. We are both learning new things all the time and trying to do our best.                                

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