Artist Gallery : Rik Datta

I am not a Professional Artist or Graphic Designer, but I have always been interested in drawing. So, when it came to drawing using a computer, I didn't know what could be used or what the best package was. I had no idea about things like vector drawing. All I wanted was to find something that I could use easily.

I happened to see two drawings that probably had the strongest influence on me. One is called 'Microscope' and the other is called ‘Bluecar’. Both of these drawings are by Alan Burns. I could not believe that you could zoom right into the plate of the Microscope and see a lady in the bath. I was also amazed that you could change the colour of the car that easily.

But how do you start learning? Well, I was guided to a forum and since 2009; I've had an amazing amount of help from many Xperts at TalkGraphics.

Since discovering Xara, I have tried other packages but I can honestly say that Xara is by far the easiest to use. In fact, I use nothing but Xara.

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