Online Designer

Discover Xara Online Designer, a great new cloud-based solution for creating beautiful documents, made to share.

Desktop Products

We're pleased to announce that MAGIX Software will now handle all sales & support for our award winning desktop titles.
Xara Online Designer
An ultra-simple way to collaboratively edit and share your Xara documents in a web browser on any computer or tablet (including Mac, iPad or Android). What's more, it includes a small but growing number of templates that you can edit and publish (or save to PDF) without even using the desktop software!
Designer Pro X
All the features of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium and Page & Layout Designer in one integrated package.
Web Designer <span>Premium</span>
WYSIWYG web design software that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required.
Page & Layout Designer 11
A great choice for all your DTP and document creation needs.
Photo & Graphic Designer
Quite simply the best value and fastest software for photo editing, illustration & graphic design.
Web Designer
Web design software that gives you total design freedom, no HTML skills required!