So that you can help spread the word about Xara, we have gathered together a number of banners, buttons, logos and screenshots for all our products.

You are free to use these graphics on web sites or in printed material, as you see fit.

If you are a member of the Xara Affiliate Program, you can earn extra cash by using these graphics to advertize Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Xara Page & Layout Designer, Xara Designer Pro, Xara 3D Maker and Web Designer and encouraging people to come to our site and buy the products.

Using logos & graphics

To download the graphics you want, first of all click the required product above, then right-click on the banner you want and select Save Picture As... from the menu. Insert the images into your web page and link them through to

If you are using the banners in conjunction with the Xara Affiliate Program, you must use the special links we provide you with so that we know to credit your account when someone follows your links.