‚Äč"My first published drawing was at the age of 15 when I entered a drawing contest for a teen magazine. To my pleased amazement, my pic won, and so began my career of drawing dumb pictures for the masses.

The first vector drawing program I ever used was CorelDraw 2 and I faithfully progressed with each upgrade. Then, while browsing around on the internet, I came across Xara X. I was immediately impressed with the things that it could do. The bevels, transparencies, drop shadows, etc., gave amazing results. The colors in Xara X seem so much brighter and vibrant than in CorelDraw, Illustrator or even Photoshop."

"So I began to learn how to use it thanks to the multitude of tutorials found on the XaraXone. I mainly created logos and letterheads with Xara until I started experimenting with doing my cartoons using the stroke shapes. The results were so crisp and sharp! Xara allowed me to make lines more precisely than I had ever been able to do with a brush and ink."

"From time to time I am obliged to use other vector programs, mainly CorelDraw or Illustrator simply because they are more widely recognized in the world of publications. However, I dread having to use them as they are so cumbersome and awkward to use. I've also tried FreeHand, Fireworks -- but Xara X beats them all hands down!"



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