Artist Gallery : Bob Hahn

‚Äč"I like to think of myself more as a 'cartoonist' than an 'artist.' Although a cartoonist is an artist, just the word 'cartoonist' makes me visualize a certain style of image. I mostly do freelance stuff, but having my own comic strip still lingers in my mind from time to time. Perhaps one day it'll all come together. I enjoy drawing expressions - either subtle or exaggerated. I enjoy drawing more than colouring, but that was before I started creating images on the computer."

"All my drawings, if they're done on the computer, there done in Xara Xtreme. What Xara has been able to do for me, is make my drawing pop. To be able to colour the drawings how you want - better than you thought - make edits easily and at any time is the greatest. Drawing on the computer doesn't have to be difficult and Xara Xtreme proves that."

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