Artist Gallery : Bill Dale

Bill Dale's art training began as a child with his mother who was a fashion illustrator in Kansas City in the 1950's and 1960's. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Industrial Design in 1969. His primary profession is Product Design, specializing in exterior and interior styling, color, graphics, and illustration of aircraft and other transportation products. Bill Dale Design is located in Arlington, Texas. His current client list includes major aircraft manufacturers and aircraft completion houses.

"My basic art training involved the use of traditional media: paint, brush, paper, pencil, markers, pastels, etc. When computers came along in the late 80s, I began dabbling in those. For my early work I used CorelDraw but I quickly converted to Xara when it became available. Xara suits my needs much better than anything else that is out there. This software's speed in rendering large files, unlimited transparencies, fast vector editing, and general ease of use, has increased my productivity many times over".

"These are examples of my work created using Xara."

—Bill Dale

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