Artist Gallery : José Campoy

​"I started using Xara X in September 2004, back then I didn't have any drawing or design knowledge, and I wanted to become a programmer or engineer, I never thought of becoming a graphic artist. I remember that the first vector software that I used was Corel and then later, Freehand, but couldn't create complex illustrations in them.

One day I bought a magazine and saw the demonstration of Xara3D, and whilst browsing the Xara website cam across Xara X. When I saw what could be created with the software I was encouraged to use it.

Later I found the Xara Xone website ( and made almost every tutorial and learned how to use it.

My first drawing with Xara X was a lamborghini murcielago. Perhaps other people saw it as an illustration of very low quality but for me was beautiful, I had never created anything like this. My second illustration improved as did my knowledge with every drawing I created, and what started as a hobby became my major job.

I like Xara X because in addition to having amazing performance, it has the tools to do photorealistic and high quality illustrations. Most people do not believe that they are vectors.

In contrast to many designers, I love what I do, this is my passion, at first I was using Xara X up to 13 hours a day, and even sometimes fell asleep with the mouse in the hand.

At present I use many programs for designing, but my number one vector software is Xara X, I do not need to switch between applications to obtain the results that I expect."

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