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Inspirational Art

Congratulations to Bob Hahn for winning the Ben Wicks Award (Ben Wicks was a London born cartoonist who made his name in Canada - the contest has run since 2001 in his honor), with his proposed illustrations for The Elementary Safety Book for Children. Bob clearly has huge cartooning talent. Unfortunately we can't all have his talent, but he is certainly an inspiration for anyone wanting to create cartoons using Xara Xtreme.

No excuse is needed of course to showcase Bob's art, but this did seem like a good moment to feature some of his latest work. He has also some created some popular demo movies using Xara Xtreme - you can check out all of Bob Hahn's movies on YouTube (YouTube name Sofafire), but here's direct links to 3 of our favorites. The first movie explains his basic techniques, the other two are speeded up creations.

Cartoons in Xara

So Sad

10 Minute Doodle (the remix)

And here's our pick of some Bob Hahn images recently displayed in the TalkGraphics Xara Gallery.

A classic birthday card designed for his 12 year old cousin:

And here's a close up of the culprit caught on camera!

From November 2007 a compilation of some work for a children's project.

And for something very different a true noir feel in Bob's contribution to a challenge thread on TalkGraphics (Charles Noir, Ace Detective).

You can see more of Bob's work on his page in the Xara Gallery and in our September Outsider. And those of you who missed the cartoon-themed Inspirational Art in the April 07 Outsider will want to check out these links to TalkGraphics threads that explain some of his techniques, including:
where he provides his original .xar file for download and:
where he provides some step-by-step descriptions of how the art was created.