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Inspirational Art

Many of you have admired and commented on the work of multi-talented Bob Hahn, and of course we have linked to quite a few of his YouTube movies in recent months. So we thought it was time to feature some of Bob's images, including - given this month's Flash feature - some of his recent animations.

Bob is well known as the master of cartoons, here's some of our favorite examples from recent years in TalkGraphics, starting with 'Mouse Trap' and 'Old Frog':

Another favorite is this angry duck - mouse over the image to see the outline version. And you can find out just how that's made in Bob's fun but truly inspiring YouTube movie 10 minute doodle or why not try the shorter, louder 3 minute remix!

And here's another dynamic way of showcasing your artwork, using Xtreme's Flash feature to display all the pages of this short book for a small child:

It's a great idea for showing the front and inside of cards like this one (that's a photo of a car by the way, with a swirl effect for the wheels created in Xara and of course Bob's niece Tara as the driver, all exported as a Flash animation from Xtreme):

Bob has also produced some classic logo artwork, including these three great examples (in the first one you can move your mouse over the small image in the top left hand side to display a detailed version of the drawing).

You can see more of Bob's work on his page in the Xara Gallery, and those of you who missed the cartoon-themed Insprirational Art in the April 07 Outsider will want to check out these links to TalkGraphics threads that explain some of his techniques, including:
where he provides his original .xar file for download and:
where he provides some step-by-step descriptions of how the art was created.