This month we're happy to announce a new version of Xara Xtreme and Xara Xtreme Pro and there's a completely new website to go with it!

We mention some of the key new features of V4 below (click the links to play the movie for that feature, or read the Extrude / Website / Photo Tool manual chapters). Plus you can follow Gary Priester's preview from his excellent Xara Xone website. And of course you can find full information on Don't miss the intro movie, it's a great place to start exploring the new features.

We have an introductory offer on upgrades from V3.2 which ends on May 2nd - so don't delay too long!

  • Multi-page documents
  • Advanced Photo Levels control

Congratulations to Bob Hahn, who recently won a contest to illustrate a 60 page safety book for children that is widely distributed throughout Canada and the US (the contest honors the cartoonist Ben Wicks). This seems like a very good reason to feature some of Bob's inspiring Xara Xtreme work.

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Easy Crop
New in V4: Xtreme 4 has a new built-in easy crop. You don't even need to select the Crop (clip) button in order to do this. Just go into the Photo tool, and start dragging across your photo (you can start the drag outside the photo). You can adjust the crop region, and then just doubleclick to perform the clip.

Easy Crop 2
New in V4: A feature that is not documented is easy cropping of photos to any shape, or cutting shapes out of photos.

Just draw the shape on top of the photo. Then select the photo and the shape (use Shift+click), go into the Photo tool, crop mode (2nd button on InfoBar), and now you can select the Clip button to 'crop' the shape out of the photo.

Add your own clipart
You can add your own documents to the Clipart Gallery. Click the Disc Clipart button in the Gallery, select a folder containing your document and click the Add button.

Easy Text Select
When the cursor appears in some text, you can press Escape to select the whole text object.

Xara Xtreme in Japan
Yes, there is now a version of Xara Xtreme in Japanese, published by our distribution partner NetJapan.

You can read their press release here and find out more details on their website here.

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An Intro to Xtreme V4
Don't miss this seven minute intro to the new version.